Pros and Cons Of Acacia Garden Patio Furniture

In my previous article, I referred you to the types of solid wood patio furniture, which are on my recommendation list.
This time I want to center on Acacia wood. I want this to be a one wood focus, because of the features, pro and con, of this unique wood.

1,100 plus different species exist, but I’m referring to Babul, which is widely used for Garden Patio Furniture.
Without going into the history of this wood, let’s cut to the chase. The tree’s wood (when water-seasoned) is very durable! The hardness of the wood allows a terrific product for manufacturers to construct with. Acacia garden patio furniture made from (babul) is very durable.

I Recommend This As A Great Buy

Babul takes a beating. In other words, heavy-duty support for the big football players, etc. If you’re going to invest in solid wood, this could be your ticket.

Like any solid wood, maintenance is a key. Because of its abundance, it is quite a bit less expensive than other solid woods. This gives you many years, probably a decade or more, of incredible wear.

Have you considered you may only have to invest in this one time? What a way to enjoy top-notch quality without buying something every three or four years! True, it’s one of those no brainer decisions, if quality is what you’ve been searching for.

Acacia Is Not A wood That Scratches Much

If it does need a touch up, now and again, there are some markers available for furniture, that does a great touch up job. Rest assured, there are markers in numerous colors for all wood.

There are even fillers for deeper gouges, should they ever appear. Simply, put the filler in, smooth it, and drop a matching finish on it. Repairs often go unnoticed.

This is the long and very short of acacia garden patio furniture. Check out Google for numerous tips about Acacia.


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