Decorating Your Child’s Room


Decorating your child’s room can be a lot of fun, particularly if you involve him/her in the whole process. The first thing to decide will be the color that you want to use. It is passé to use blue for boys and pink for girls; besides, the shades that you use can impact your child’s mood and behavior. For instance, earthy tones will have a calming effect on a hyper-active child, while a vibrant yellow will energize a shy child. Color therapy is a potent and effective science, and you should consider incorporating it when choosing a color for your child’s room. Try using gloss paint which is easily washable. Alternatively, you could also use chalk paint, at least on one wall, which can be used as a drawing surface.

If you are using a bright color, restrict it to only one wall. An inexpensive yet interesting option to decorate the ceiling is to use glow-in-the-dark stars, preferably with a rotating lamp strategically placed to give the effect of outer space.

A kid’s room should be centered on his/her favorite theme. This is the area that your child will use to play, read, and study. Since it is not just a sleeping place, it should be appropriate for all the activities that he/she wants to indulge in and should ideally be multi-functional. Talk to your child about their favorite theme. You can easily get cut-outs of favorite cartoon characters or toy figurines to decorate the walls. Children dislike plain walls so instead of them messing up the walls, you might as well add something interesting to them from the start. You can make or buy stencils of animals, action heroes, etc. to paint the walls.

Avoid long drapes in a child’s room. The best choice would be short curtains or blinds. Think about matching curtains to the bedding and lampshades in terms of color and pattern. Here again, you can get creative with a sewing machine and incorporate a favorite cartoon character. You can also buy themed bedding from most toy shops.

Lighting is another aspect that will need careful planning. The child’s room will need ample lighting for study time, soothing lights for play time and a night light for nap time. Covered lamps are the safest for a child’s room. The popular themes that can be used without spending too much include a fish aquarium, Barbie house, outer space, Harry Potter, dragons or dinosaurs, race cars, airplanes, and the jungle.

Most of the items mentioned are easily available online without the hassles of crowds. All you need is some time on your hands and lots of creativity to give your child a room that he/she will cherish for years to come.

Furniture for Kids

Growing up is an essential phase of every kid’s life. Along with the physical changes it also brings about a change in choices, likes and dislikes. As they grow out of their baby years, every youngster has the urge to feel grown up, be independent and to experience life to the fullest.
kids bedroom

It is at this point that you may want to consider changing the furniture and décor in their rooms. It just seems to go with the transition from babyhood to becoming a growing kid. This may take a lot of patience and time to decide what furniture for kids is the best.

No More Need For The Baby Stuffchild tongue out

No kid would ever want to sleep on that same old cuddly baby bear bed. Things like playhouses, playpens, dollhouses and building blocks will no longer cast a magical spell on them. Perhaps it’s time to change out the bedding with the ABC blocks to princess or Star Wars-themed sets.

Snow White’s mirror on the wall may never be able to show them what they are looking for and this may just be the right time to be done with all the pink and the blue.

Choosing furniture for kid’s would depend on whether they are a boy or a girl. When it comes to bedding a girl would usually prefer canopy and bed skirts, however a boy would definitely opt for a comforter with patches of their favorite baseball or football team’s symbols.

Selecting Rugs/Window Treatments That Enhance The Furniture

While selecting rugs for the room, look for low-maintenance materials such as polyester, wool or shrunk cotton.

Designs a girl would prefer could consist of a range of floral, polka dots, hearts or curves.
Color choice might include neon shades or bright pastels.

A boy would definitely want a burst of energy under his feet. Always remember to choose masculine colors for a boy, like something in deep blue, black, or bottle-green. A camouflage pattern or tie-dye design is sure to fascinate him.

The next most important thing on the list would be choosing a window treatment for your kid’s room. A girl’s bedroom could be draped with soft feminine colors. A creative idea would be to use a silk panel, a ribbon scallop, or even something like a lace curtain.

A guy’s room could use something like a metro panel, striped shades, a geometric pattern or even a pattern to match the bedding.

Lighting with Furniture For Kids

desk lampdesk with lamp

While choosing to light their room, you could make your choice from a variety of lamps ranging from table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights, bedside lamps and pendants or chandeliers. Whatever you choose, remember that kids often do homework and study in their bedrooms, so be sure to make a choice that will provide adequate light to that area of the room.


Once you master the tips of making changes, you are sure to design a perfect room your child will love. Always make sure you don’t overdo anything. The most important furniture tip: ask for your kid’s input.
Let them be part of the decision-making.
They have their opinions and it makes them feel included in the change.

We have taken a brief look at furniture for kids. There’s no need anymore for baby stuff. Yes, they’re growing up. As previously mentioned, another change you and they may enjoy is picking out a color-coordinated rug.

This would be great fun to choose something that will complement their furniture. Rugs are available in all sorts of colors, shapes, styles and materials.

The rug you pick to go with their furniture is a terrific addition to a complete bedroom look. As parents, you had total say in the design of the baby room. Allowing your boy or girl to be a part of the decision-making for their next room decor will produce results that everyone will like.

The same is true when it comes to colors your kids prefer for furniture and decor. Girls and guys choose their favorite hobbies, stories, teen art, sports, decals… they have favorites you may not have even realized. Their input is important!

There’s just one more thing to cover. You have to light up their room with floor lamps, table lamps, fans with lights, and on and on. There’s a number of available choices available to go with furniture for kids.

An Important Safety RuleBunkbed warning

It’s not uncommon for parents to buy bunk beds for their children. It can be a great choice for saving space, and they are available in all types of materials, colors and styles.

Here’s an update on bunk beds from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. This has to do with safety of bunk beds.

“The CPSC staff is participating in voluntary standard activities for bunk beds. They are currently looking with a committee to address hangings with bunk bed corner extensions and finials.

Performance requirements are geared to address hazards associated with falls from the upper bunk, entrapment, and structural integrity of the foundation support system. The standard also contains requirements for a warning label, manufacturing identification and consumer information regarding intended use of the bed.

CPSC also enforces mandatory rules pertaining to bunk beds. These rules reduce risks to kids from being trapped between the upper bunk and the wall, in openings below guardrails, or in other structures in the bed.

From January 1, 1990 through Dec 31, 2002, there were forty-seven incidents reported, involving hangings from bunk beds, not including entrapment hangings. Four of the incidents involved kids who were hung from the corner post extensions or finials of the bunk beds.

In an additional six incidents, it is known that the corner post of the assembly of the bunk bed was involved, but the specific area of the corner post involved is unknown.

Thirteen of the incidents involved kids being hung on parts of the bed other than a section of the corner assembly. In twenty-four incidents, the part of the bunk bed that the child was hung from is unknown.”


I shared this with you because as a father, and grandfather of nine grandchildren, I want you to be aware when safety could be an issue. That’s why I only guide you to top brands of furniture for kids. If I wouldn’t buy it myself, I sure wouldn’t suggest it to you. Finally, there are many bunk beds that meet these strict standards. It’s easy to check it out, right online.

With thirty-five years in the furniture and retail consulting business, my goal is helping you find that special furniture plus decor. Your choices will be a wonderful addition for your growing kid’s room.

Enjoy the many possibilities at your fingertips, right from the comfort of your home.

The little ones aren’t so little now. Help them choose from wonderful selections. Furniture for kids allows your inner creativity to make wonderful changes in their lives.

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Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets For Your Children

wooden bedframeSolid wood bedroom furniture sets for your children are a great decision by you when choosing quality that lasts for many years to come. It’s that “right at home feel” children enjoy. A wonderful, comfy room, with a bed, nightstand, chest of drawers, dresser and desk with the chair too.

Let’s agree that children spend a great deal of time in their bedrooms playing, sleeping, and even working on one project or another. Many children love to read, and it’s terrific to have a bookshelf with some of their favorite books.

The truth is, as parents, we are very careful when we think about wood bedroom furniture for our children. I’m going to help guide you, with some really worthwhile tips to think about.

What To Look For When Choosing Solid Wood For Your Children

Let’s look at the practical side of choosing bedroom furniture for your children. Obviously, there are numerous details to think about. This should get the creative ideas spinning.

What a great decision it is, when you strongly consider solid wood bedroom furniture sets for preteens and teens. Some oak woodparents and singles think the best solid wood is oak. Undoubtedly that’s a great choice.

However, other solids include hickory, beautiful maple, and the everlasting, real cherry wood. These are indeed solid, and wood desksturdier than most products out there like particleboard and pressed wood, etc. There’s just no comparison. Many folks like the best and this is an excellent furniture choice.

Solid wood is superior, by far, to cheap particle board which often breaks very easily. Plywood is just, well, plywood. Not the top choice. You may want something that’s substantial that will last for a long time. When you invest a tad more now for top-notch furniture, it saves you hard-earned money in the long run.

Some Basics To Consider

Is there versatility in your children’s furniture? It’s great to consider the growth of your children. Do their needs change? I’m sure you’d say yes, of course. Can’t disagree there. Solid wood furniture is very practical and is easily adapted to future needs as your children grow up.

The solid wood furniture choices you make in their earlier years can follow them into their teens. This eliminates getting rid of the old and paying again for something new, which costs you more money in the long term.

You may have heard of dovetailed construction on drawers. This is the best construction and the go-to brands usually incorporate it. That, coupled with easy glide drawers that slide on wooden supports down the middle of the drawer, makes some of the sturdiest and most well-made available.
chest of drawers

An added bonus is having the bottom of each drawer made of wood at least one-eighth inch thick. Over time, this keeps the drawers from sagging because of too many clothes in a stuffed drawer.

Solid wood takes on wear and tear for years. It’s nearly impossible to break or fall apart. This is a major plus for children and parent(s).

Be Sure Of Safety For Your Children

It goes without saying that children’s furniture should be safe. The type of wood, (solid preferred) the way it’s designed and constructed, plays the biggest part in safety.

Exposure to harmful compounds (Volatile Organic Compounds) may cause side effects such as irritation of the throat, eyes, and nose. There have even been cases of getting nausea, perhaps headaches, and yes, bouts with dizziness.

To eliminate these compounds that cause side effects, don’t choose any products made with formaldehyde. Be sure your furniture choice is organic and 100% free from VOC. Basically, this translates to no off-gassing in the air of harmful compounds.


You Want To Choose Low-Maintenance

Years of experience in the furniture industry have taught me this very simple fact:  care for what you’ve invested in. As an aside, my home is filled with wood furniture. It needs to be taken care of, like anything else.

furniture polish2

Wood requires some occasional dusting and polishing from time to time. This is easily accomplished with a cleaner that is safe for wood. There are many brands out there that will fit your need.

Additional care would be putting attractive runners of fabric on your chest of drawers, dresser, and student desk. Extra care is always proactive.

It doesn’t matter if it’s wood, plastic, or metal, the better care you take, the longer it lasts.

It’s Your Opportunity For Solid Wood Furniture Sets For Children

Solid wood is quality to the max. You can choose cherry, oak, maple, hickory, and more. This furniture has well-made features designed to last for years. No need to worry about it falling to pieces or breaking, with proper care.

It’s flat-out sturdy! Ready for years of wear and simple to take care of. As your child grows, solid furniture goes with them or is handed down to the next in line. Fantastic savings over time!

Welcoming your children to the warm feeling of a beautiful wooden bedroom set gives you peace of mind that they are safe in a one hundred percent VOC-free product. There is no need for bad side effects.


As something to strongly consider, solid wood is timeless furniture. The quality lasts for years and remains stylish. It blends well with a plethora of home decor selections. We know about durability, sturdiness, dovetailed drawers, and low maintenance.

When you wrap all of these qualities up into a great package, this is furniture for children (who are moving into adulthood). They can even take the furniture with them when they head out to college or move away for a new career.

Yes, empty nest time comes. What a great way to help support them. They load up this incredible furniture and off they go.

Solid wood is a great choice for children who move to their teen years and then into the wonderful world of adulthood. They, too, may have a family someday. Who knows, they just might hand these beautiful solid wood bedroom furniture sets down to their own children.

Seriously, they can last that long, and if you enjoy antiques, you know what I mean. Quality does last for a very, very long time.

Consider solid wood bedroom furniture sets for your children. You’ll be so happy and so will they!

Carson Dane, Founder

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Children’s Bunk Beds. What You’d Like To Know.

How difficult do you think it is to pick out chiIdren’s bunk beds? The first choice is for your children and then there are others who may be using them. If you’re like many families, there’s bound to be others using them.

Over-night stays by friends and family often call for extra sleeping arrangements. Bunk beds can be your perfect answer.

This is especially true if your children have invited a classmate over for one of those “pajama parties”! Late night TV and popcorn, eventually conking out on a super comfortable bed. Children’s bunk beds can come to your rescue!

When you think of a bunk bed, we all know it’s basically one twin bed on top of a second twin bed. At least that’s the way they started out years ago. Now there’s an array of styles, many of which are mentioned below.

These are normally used by children in their bedrooms. If you have a couple of younger kids, children’s bunk beds are a great way to share limited space. Plus, it helps with the budget. Being of the same sex is very important of course, due to privacy. If this is impossible (in the very early years), some parents have been known to put up a privacy curtain for the bunk located at the bottom.

I do not recommend bunk beds for children ages five and under. That’s the age where they tend to fall out and, in some cases, they are hurt.

We will cover in this article: the different types of bunk beds, metal compared to wood, what to think about when buying and Consumer Safety Inspection for children’s bunk beds.

The Different Selections/Types of Bunk Beds

There certainly are a lot of options to think about. You will be considering what they look like. Will they last a long time? How well-made are they?

Styles include Futon, Loft, L-shaped, Novelty, Standard, and Study bunk beds. These are the more popular, but there are certainly many other combinations that are sure to tickle your fancy. They come with ladders to get to the top bed. Most include rails so a child does not fall out.

  • Futon Bunk Bed. This type of bunk bed has two levels, upper and lower. The lower really serves as a sofa or a bed.
  • L-shaped Bunk Bed. If there is plenty of space in your room, you can organize the L-shaped bunk bed so it angles to the right of the bed above.
  • Loft Bunk Bed. Actually there is just one bed on top with space undernloft bedeath. Instead of a bed being on the bottom, you have room for a dresser or chest if you’re short on space, or a simple area where the child can play. For small spaces, this is a great way to go.
  • Novelty Bunk Bed. Just think of these as some kind of exciting “novelty ideas” your kids enjoy. Do they love different cartoon characters? How about silly cars or special baby dolls. Then there are ideas from movies. I think you get the picture. Have fun and be creative!
  • Standard Bunk Bed. Simply stated, it is two beds, one over the other, usually in twin size. The advantage is that two take up the space of one. In addition, the two beds can normally be taken apart to be used as single beds later.
  • Twin Over Full Bunk Bed. As is defined, it is simply a twin bed on top of a full size bed on the bottom. With children of different sizes and growing spurts, this may be a great idea.
  • Study Bunk Bed. Just as it sounds. You have a bunk above and a wonderful study area underneath with a desk (which can be designed to fit into the bed), a chair, files, or even bookcases.

Metal Compared to Wood Bunk Beds

  • Metal Bunk Beds. These are quite sturdy. However, they are not as strong as top quality hardwood. Metal is able to carry weights from one hundred and ninety to two hundred and twenty-five pounds on the top bunk. There is a huge collection available and these are some of the least expensive. As far as the modern look of metal, it has become extremely popular.
  • Wood Bunk Beds. In my thirty-five years of experience, I believe hardwood to be the best choice for durability and long-term use. This would include oak, ash, cherry and poplar as great choices. Try to avoid beds made of particle board and other pressed woods. Of course, there are also soft woods to consider, and example would be pine. They are sturdy but not as strong as hardwood. This is the reason that hardwood investment costs a little more but is well worth it.
  • Plastic Bunk Beds? THEY JUST DON’T WEIGH MUCH! Avoid unless the children are very small. Yes, they are reasonably inexpensive. However, I don’t recommend plastic bunk beds under any circumstances!

What To Think About When Buying

Some thoughts that come to parents’ minds are: What’s the price? Should I measure the room? How much can a child weigh?

1. Many folks are on a budget of some kind. So, manufacturers accommodate varied incomes and needs. There are a wide range of price points.

If you are choosing a new bunk bed, you could be looking at pricing from the low hundreds to eight hundred and fifty or so. Then again, it’s possible to spend into the thousands, depending on quality materials and even custom-made children’s bunk beds.

2. I’m sure you’ve considered measuring the bedroom. What’s the height, width and length of the space where you’re putting the bed? Is it a flat, angled or other unusual shape of a ceiling?

3. Be sure to double check manufacturer’s suggested weight limits for the type of children’s bunk beds you are considering. Weight maximums can vary depending on the quality and materials of the bed.

Standard Consumer Safety Specification For Bunk Beds

CSPS logo
We all love our children and I would be amiss if I didn’t share this with you. This Consumer Product Safety Commission information is required of manufacturers in regard to the potential hazards associated with falls from the top bunk or being trapped.

The structure of the product is a consideration, which includes the support system of the foundation.

There must be a label of warning and identification of the manufacturer. Consumers are to be instructed on how to use the bed.

There are also mandatory rules by the Consumer Product Safety
Commission (CPSC). Among the rules that limit accidents are those that keep children from being trapped between the top bunk and the wall.

For in-depth details check: United States Consumer Product Safety CommissionBunk Beds

To Bunk Or Not?

Well, there you go, parent(s). I hope you’re looking forward to the terrific choices you’re about to make about children’s bunk beds. You have a huge selection available. We raised our children on bunk beds and I grew up on them as well. I think they are a terrific choice. I can recommend them in full confidence.

We’ve honed in on four major areas I consider to be very important. The different types and purposes of children’s bunk beds, metal compared to wood, buying (prices), and safety standards. If you have any constructive feedback or questions, please reply in my comment section below.

Carson Dane, Founder


Buying Furniture for Kids

Girl's bedroom in pink

I’ve had a career which has spanned over thirty-five years in the furniture industry. In some form or fashion it involved kids furniture. It was always extremely enjoyable working with the entire family when buying kids’ furniture became a reality.

The excitement of seeing the family make choices that were practical, cost-effective, comfortable and in the style they enjoyed, satisfied everyone involved. I look forward to helping you with sound decisions when choosing furniture for kids.

I trust you will enjoy looking at our furniture for kids article and the tips we share with you.

What to consider for the kids

Safety comes first when it comes to kids furniture. It’s important for you to know that the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was established to protect children under 12. There are stiff, stringent production guidelines that manufacturers must follow.

Products that can cause a hazard are a no-no! Durability is important to the Consumer Products Safety Commission and so Consumer Products Safety Commission logoit should be. Without a doubt, it’s just as important for parents. I’m sure you’ve seen many recall notices on kids furniture over the years. The industry truly is sticking closely to the guidelines set up.

Practically speaking, parents place themselves as the number one protectors when it comes to furniture safety for their children. So does our government and manufacturers of their products. This should set the minds of parents at ease.

However, if you have a question about a product before or after buying, don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturer. It’s the best thing you can do. Due diligence goes a long way.

Safety for children is important to us all, isn’t it? Of course!
When they play, safety is at bay, simply meaning, they don’t think about it when jumping up and down on sofas, chairs, beds, etc.
kids jumping on bed

It’s not “If” they will fall, but “When”.

That’s why the extra durability precautions that are taken in the manufacture, construction and production phases of well- made furniture can make the difference in a child getting seriously hurt or not.

Be sure the furniture is well-built, and very strong. If there is any place they can crawl in and out of, they will. When the opportunity comes to jump on something that looks fun, they’re all in for that as well.

You’ve heard of handing out punishment? Kids do this extremely well when it comes to mattresses and furniture.

Kids will be kids, right? Buy kids’ furniture with strength and high quality. Hey. You’ve been down that road before, right?

I trust you agree with what I’ve said, so be sure to trust in your choice of manufacturers as well.

Upgrading furniture for kids

You want something new for your kids? Let me guess. I have no doubt that the bedroom comes to mind first, right? Do they have chairs that are thread bare, beds with three legs, chest of drawers that are hard to open, or worse yet, you have to jam them shut?

Do they have a room that screams, “Don’t go in there!”  You’re ready for a change. Obviously these are major rooms that the kids spend time in. They get lots of use.

Kids, both boys and girls, have different likes in style and color when it comes to furniture. They each have their preferred look. Indulge them with your support and direction when final decisions are made.

My years in the market have shown, not surprisingly, girls like pretty, soft-colored furniture. Classics which include white finishes are very common. Beauty is a mainstay for girls as a whole. Gorgeous designs that make the room pop out, make the girls’ eyes pop out as well! They love nice things. Like Mom, like daughter!

The boys? Well, boys will be boys. The rough and tough bunk beds or single beds with sports memorabilia tattooed around the room is what they like. Or perhaps technical or computer games and other goodies to complement their “guy thing”.

boy in bed with book


Bulkier looks for beds, dressers and chest of drawers is pretty normal for boys but not necessary. Comfort is the key for them; beauty is not their cup of tea. Decor is not on their high priority list.



desk w chair

A work desk for studies is a great addition for both kids. Obviously, a very comfortable chair to go along with the desk is a good choice.


Perhaps a couple of bean bag chairs would be useful when the kids have friends over and they need a place to plop down.

bean bag chairs
Sharing a room can be tough, not so much in the baby and toddler stages, but definitely as they grow. If a single room is necessary, a privacy divider can be a great asset.

Should the room be large enough, your decision on privacy and furniture to suit each child becomes somewhat easier. With a large-enough room, both kids can have a separate space with their own choices.

Your choices of furniture for kids

disappointed kidHave you ever tried to surprise your children with something you knew they would love? You had no doubts. None. Zero. You gave it to them. Not the reaction you were expecting? Oops! You’ve been down that road, yes?

Involve your children when picking out their furniture. They are the ones who live with it. This makes them happy!

It allows them to be in on a good decision-making process. Choosing furniture for their own special space is a very exciting time for kids. Let them have at it with your own special input to help them. Your guidance and practicality will be appreciated.

Ask the children questions in order to help guide them in their thought process.

  • What is their favorite color of furniture? Perhaps it’s a wood finish instead of painted tones.
  • Who is their comic hero? Lots of furniture incorporates movie or character themes.
  • What kind of bed would they like? Something shaped like a vehicle or a more classic choice.
  • What would their “perfect bedroom” look like?

Space for furniture

The size of rooms calls for unique spacing of furniture for kids. If the room is too small for a complete bedroom set, creativity comes to the forefront. Beds with drawers underneath is a great way to go. Bunk beds with built-in storage create wonderful opportunities in small room areas.

There are a multitude of space-saving storage possibilities to help overcome small areas.

Sharing about furniture for kids

Purchasing furniture for kids will be an exciting adventure for the entire family. This will be a great project to enjoy together.

We’ve covered what to consider, upgrading furniture, choices for furniture, and space requirement, all of which are areas of importance when you are choosing furniture for kids.

There are many things to consider before you make final decisions. What warranties does the manufacturer of kids furniture offer? Are extended warranties offered? Yes, there is an investment for this type of warranty. Is the quality of the product substantial?

I trust all goes well in your venture and you are always welcome to ask me questions or make comments.

I’ll be happy to guide you any way I can.

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane