Choosing a Theme for Your Baby’s Room

Part One: Considering Choices for a Theme

It is a huge responsibility to plan for your baby’s nursery. Furniture must be selected, walls painted, and most important is the criterion of safety measures. But the most interesting part of the entire planning is to select the theme of the nursery.

For the baby’s room, you will never run out of themes because of the sheer number of them available. You can select a theme that is masculine or feminine depending on the gender of the baby, or you could go for a neutral theme in case you plan to have more babies. This will ensure that you won’t need to redecorate if your next baby is a different gender. If your next baby is a girl then a blue-based theme for your boy would not work for her. Similarly, a boy would not be entertained in a nursery with a pink princess theme.

If you want to create a nursery that will cause stimulation to the baby’s mind as he or she grows, try going for geometric patterns and shapes and bright primary colors. Yellow, blue, and red are the most common colors that provide stimulation to babies. And if the shapes and patterns are big enough, you can try using them on walls and bedding; it would be equally helpful. Since it takes a few months for a baby to fully realize their vision, the bright and huge patterns would be a welcome exercise for them.

No matter what theme you finally settle for, prepare yourself to be in it for some years. Most babies are not prepared for a room of a toddler until they reach the age of two or three. Because toddler beds utilize similar sized mattress and bedding as does a crib, you can go on with the theme you chose for them as an infant if you so wish.

Enjoy yourself while planning the decoration of the nursery, irrespective of the theme chosen. This is one of the happiest moments of your life that you will cherish.

Part Two: Decorating Ideas

These days, the number of baby room decorating ideas are practically limitless due to the many different items available to expecting parents. Therefore, decorating your baby’s room has more to do with narrowing down your options than coming up with them in the first place. Among the best ways to come up with the right baby room ideas for decorating is to begin with a theme, and then expand from there.

To choose a theme for baby room decorating, start by brainstorming those ideas for decorating a baby room that you find most pleasing.  It should be interesting and fun to look at for the baby, to provide the right amount of stimulation.

Decorating a baby’s room can be as simple as choosing a teddy bear theme and then going from there. For example, your steps for the teddy bear theme when decorating your baby’s room may be as follows:

  • Furniture – among the most appealing baby room furniture is that made from solid wood because of its classic elegance and reliable quality. Furniture may include a crib, dresser, changing table, and rocking chair, depending on your budget and the amount of space you have in the nursery. Adding stuffed teddy bears on top of a dresser or getting rocking chair pads that incorporate a teddy bear pattern are simple ways of tying in the theme.
  • Walls – baby room decorating with teddy bears can mean the standard classic brown bears or bears of different colors. You can either stencil them, paint a mural, or add some wallpaper.
  • Floors – many people do not even think about the floors as a part of decorating a baby’s room. However, the floors really do finish the look, with hardwood, soft carpeting, or pleasant throw rugs that tie into your theme or colors.
  • Bedding – it is extremely simple to find adorable teddy bear-themed ideas for bedding. There will be ample sets to choose from in every store you visit. Just make sure that they are of good quality, are machine washable (and dryable), hypoallergenic, and, of course, are very soft.

Besides these steps, all you need to finish decorating your baby’s room is a cuddly teddy bear!

All About Baby Highchairs

Baby highchairs are not necessary for children if they are under six months of age. Although some companies make them for that age so they can recline for infants, they are not necessary until your child is able to sit up. The choice is up to you as far as when you believe you and your child are ready for a highchair.

Features of Baby Highchairs

Baby highchairs currently come with all kinds of features that are really more for the parent or caregiver than the child. Although the nicely padded seat covers do make the seats comfortable for your child!

Some highchairs have wheels to make them easier to move, however, this is not necessary. Some also feature height-adjustable mechanisms to accommodate your child’s growth and to be able to bring the baby closer to the table.

There are footrests that are adjustable to accommodate your child’s growth as well. Most baby highchairs now fold for easier storage.

Additional Features

There are now baby highchairs that can be converted into play tables. Some of them have an insert that fits over the tray to give your baby a place to play.
baby in highchair

On many models, the feeding tray comes with an inset cup/bottle holder, and some models have extra-large feeding trays.

The base of the highchair should be broad and stable to help prevent the highchair from tipping if your child leans over the side, thus avoiding injury to your child.

It is best to take those momentary looks at your child to see that they are sitting in a safe manner. That sounds simple, but parents often have many distractions while preparing for, or having their meal. Just a word of extra precaution can go a long way.

As mentioned, many baby highchairs are now foldable for easy storage, which makes things easier if space is an issue. This is a good option to make things a little more comfortable for the whole family.

How Are They Made?

When looking at baby highchairs, people express opinions about what the chair is made of. Some are all wood chairs that tend to not be adjustable.

There are metal-framed highchairs with plastic trays and there are baby highchairs that are all plastic. I would stray away from plastic, whenever possible.

Making Baby Highchairs Safe

There are things you can do to make the highchair a place as safe as possible for your baby. This is going to sound simplistic, however, I’m going to mention some thoughts, strictly for safety reasons.

1. Never leave your child unattended so you can go grab a bib or food, or even to answer the phone. It only takes a second for your baby to have an accident.

2. You should have everything ready before putting your child in the chair.
Simple idea, but it makes sense. Mom and Dad are often busy, and can easily get distracted after settling their baby in the highchair.
mother feeding baby
3. Your child should always be strapped into the highchair, without exception. The feeding tray will not prevent your baby from slipping down in the chair under the tray, falling to the floor, and possibly getting injured.

4. If your baby highchair folds, be sure that when you open it, you check to be certain that it is locked in the open position. If the chair collapses, your baby could be hurt. This can be prevented with periodic checks of all parts of the chair.

5. Do not place the highchair near any object that the baby could push off from, and possibly have an accident. Also, do not place your baby’s chair near any electrical or window blind cords that can be pulled on. All cords should be out of reach.

6. When putting the feeding tray in place, be sure to watch your child’s fingers. They could be pinched or severely cut. Be sure the lock catches by tugging on the tray gently. The feeding tray will not hold your child in place, but if it is loose or doesn’t catch, your child, if not strapped in, could fall and get hurt.
boy in highchair
7. Wearing out of baby highchairs can be hazardous. If there is any vinyl covering over foam, and it is torn, the baby could ingest small pieces of foam. Be sure to check the highchair often for signs of wear and tear.

8. Worn locking mechanisms could prevent the feeding tray from staying in place. This is another thing you’ll want to check often to maintain safety.

9. All belts and clasps on baby highchairs should be checked for fraying or tears. If there are clasps, check for missing pieces or cracks. Cracked or chipped feeding trays could cause injury or harbor germs.

10. If considering the possible purchase of second-hand baby highchairs, please be sure to keep all these safety points in mind and check all aspects of the highchair thoroughly before making your purchase.

All Goes Well

The ideas presented here should definitely be helpful to you when choosing quality baby highchairs, and making sure your baby is safe at all times. It is certain that over time, your baby will grow out of the highchair, but while they have a need for the chair, you’ll want to take all the precautions necessary to be sure your baby is safe while in it.

The daily blessings of your baby’s growth are wonderful moments in all parents’ lives. They go from nursing to feeding themselves (sorta), in a very short period of time. They grow fast, as I’m sure you are aware.

Different needs of your child come with their growth, and one, for sure, is the highchair. I strongly recommend looking at some baby highchairs that I’ve reviewed and have made note of. There are many features and choices that will give you everything you might be looking for in picking something that is perfect for your child. Baby highchairs of quality are what I suggest and am happy to guide you toward.

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Storage In A Nursery

Other than money, the only thing that is never sufficient, and makes you want for more, is ‘space’. This is extremely true in cases where you have a baby or children of younger ages.

Do you always feel that the nursery is overcrowded and cramped, even though it may not actually be? Using the room or the living space in an organized manner will work wonders in enhancing the existing space and satisfying your requirements.

Storage in a nursery is an area I’d like to give you a few tips on. There are many possibilities. Let’s take a look.

Storage Tips

The first thing to do would be planning. What will be the space requirements in the nursery for the various basic functions like storage, movement space, play area, etc?

Once this is decided and the available space is analyzed, the next best thing to do would be to allocate optimum space for all these major purposes.

Using some storage ideas for the nursery, you can actually find solutions to all these problems and save space for future expansion as the child grows.

What About Basic Considerations?

One of the basic things that you can do is to fix a wooden plank running through the circumference of the room. Using L joints at the corners, the ‘shelf’ can be used to place toys like stuffed animals and smaller toys.

This serves the dual purpose of improving the aesthetics as well as providing extra space for storage. Painting the shelf with the same color as that of the room makes it blend into the décor of the room. Or, step out of the box and get creative with other paint colors.

How About Plastic Containers?

The next best thing to do is using plastic containers that can store extra clothing, and diapers that are not yet used.

This is especially true if you have no space for a chest of drawers or a larger dresser.

These containers can then be put under the beds where they can’t be seen. This makes it easy to get to when the time comes.

Other measures include using diaper bags to be hung next to the cradle. That is a special place to store the diapers exclusively for future use.

What About Toy Boxes And Storage Beds?

Toy boxes also help in storing the toys when not in use. These toy boxes can then be placed or arranged accordingly so that they occupy less space.

Usage of storage beds also helps to an extent.

When the baby/child has finished playing, the toys and other goods related to the baby, can be stored in the drawers underneath the beds.

I’ve personally suggested this to many parents that have minimal space to deal with. They have been thrilled with this idea to save space.

What About Baby Clothes?

Baby clothes don’t occupy much space, therefore the closet space can be used in a simple way. Many parents put a smaller chest of drawers in the closet, and they are still able to hang babies’ clothes.

Future expansion should also be considered while allocating space. The babies are sure to grow.

Utilizing the space properly is, as previously mentioned, very important. The various ideas mentioned here can reduce the clutter and congestion, providing a healthy space for the baby to grow in.

Toy Storage Ideas for A Neater Home

It isn’t tough to notice the presence of a baby in the house. However, it’s possible you might miss their little chatter. If you do miss their chatter, it’s impossible to miss the clutter of toys spread everywhere around the house.

Try as we might to keep up after them, they have great ways of making a mess. Well, let’s face it, it is a normal behavior practiced by babies around the world… to leave their toys around wherever they play.

In order to reduce your workload and to develop good habits in your babies and children right from their tender childhood, you can show them some fun ways to organize their toys and store them at a specific place. You might make a game of it. “Make it neat, get a treat”, and it doesn’t have to be something to eat.

Here Are Some Different Toy Storage Ideas

They can be used by you to limit the cluttering of toys to a specific place.
A traditional toy box is normally made of wood with a door on the top. The box can be placed against the wall and since these kinds of toy boxes are rigid and strong, normally they can be used as seating as well if required.

The boxes usually have separate compartments in them to store different kinds of toys. These storage chests can last for generations. They can be made more interesting by adding attractive stickers. A wooden box with rollers at the bottom will make it easy for moving around for the kids.

Apart from the wooden chests, there is a wide range of “fashionable” plastic chests. Plastic chests come in multiple colors. Some of them have various compartments to make it easy for the toys to be organized.

To make it more interesting, there are storage chests available in transparent materials. This would be easier to use as the child can locate the toys quickly even without messing up the other toys.

There are various other storage units available, like chests in the shape of balls or cars or even in animal shapes. Kids would definitely enjoy having these boxes and maybe even look forward to the task of putting away their toys once playtime is over.

Simple storage ideas would include wooden or plastic boxes or trays with labels on them like cars, soft toys, balls, and so on. Storage boxes can help save space if they can be pushed under the bed. There are certain storage chests which have a play study table on top of it to color or draw and even paint. They serve a dual purpose.

What if there is no space for a box? Think out of the box again! Even a hammock can be hung along the wall so that the kids can dump toys like dolls, soft toys, or balls in them.
This requires some creative thought and space.

Parents should ensure that the child knows how to use the toy storage boxes safely. A little bit of discipline, some effort, and a good toy storage box will help in making your child responsible, especially if you make it a fun occasion. Your life will get a lot easier and their room will become a lot cleaner.

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What About Furniture For Baby Nursery?

Oh my. A baby is going to enter the household! After the initial excitement and delight, the parents are drawn into many exciting opportunities. They range from choosing the little one’s name, if they haven’t already, to how the present living space can be optimized to accommodate this cute little bundle of joy. You just have to love it!

A little one in the house. Time to look around, because it becomes necessary to check that everything is in the right place so that the baby is provided a safe and healthy space to grow in. I have no doubt this was done already, so this is just a heads up.

First-time parents should, as you are aware, be considering all factors that affect the comfort and safety of the baby. This can be a challenge. A lot depends on the existing arrangement of the furniture in the living space the baby will be using. So, what about the furniture for the baby nursery?

What Types Of Nursery Furniture Are Available?

These days, furniture can be made specifically to adorn the nursery and the choice is limitless. There are many types of nursery furniture that suit the varied and specific needs of the consumer.

Various features like the style and design of the house and the nursery, and the size of the room, play an important role in the selection of the right kind of nursery furniture.

Above all these, there is also a need to check for the durability of the furniture and to ensure the safety of your tiny tot.

What Is Some Basic Nursery Furniture?

Some basic furniture that is needed for your baby includes Moses baskets, cribs, cradles, beds, and chairs. The functionality and the use of this furniture are the same but they are specially designed to suit the age and the inherent needs of children belonging to the lower age groups.

The Moses baskets and cribs are those which are extra portable and make your baby secure while they settle in for a serene sleep.

They can also act as a rocking stand that will set a rhythm and provide comfort to your baby.

The cradle is one of the most important pieces of furniture for the baby who initially spends most of their time sleeping and depending entirely on others for their movement.

The differences available in the cradle include fixed ones, easily accessible ones, portable lightweight cradles, and those with adjustable bases. Once the purchase is made, the next thing to look for would be the beds and chairs.

Beds are available in different sizes and modifications like themed beds, foldable ones, spring attached, etc. The chairs may be used for feeding and general seating purposes. They also come in many varieties and features like table attached, storage enhanced, themed chairs, etc.

Some other furniture that can be used includes toy boxes, rocking chairs, walkers, and musical boxes. Available in bright colors and themes, the whole look provided by the furniture will improve the overall appeal. The atmosphere the child grows up in will help in making the child happy and healthy.

Are They The Apple Of Your Eye?

Whether you have a newborn baby or have one on the way, buying accessories and furniture for the baby is something every parent looks forward to. Online purchasing from the comfort of your home is the easiest way to find your answers.

Babies begin their discovery process as human beings from the earliest stages. Your baby, even a few months old, is an excellent explorer, hungry for knowledge and experience. To help your baby in this lifelong journey, you need to create a perfect environment where the little one can safely do their thing while you can just sit aside and enjoy.

When you set out to buy baby furniture, you need to know that your baby depends on you for comfort since they won’t be able to communicate this factor to you. Thus buying furniture that is safe is also essential.

Why Not Simply Buy Online?

Although kids’ furniture is available at many retail outlets, these days many parents also prefer to buy baby furniture online. You have the luxury of multiple choices and you can have an entire nursery set delivered to your doorstep without having to leave your home.

Online shops provide limitless options in a range of furniture. If you don’t like the furniture in one store, you can skip and go to the next store – all from your most comfortable chair.

You can compare types, models, makes, and prices online and opt for something that satisfies all your requirements. Since your baby will soon grow out of the present size, it is a wise idea to buy something that has the option for modification so you don’t have to spend more each time your baby graduates to the next size.

How About Checking Your Order?

Anything added to the shopping cart that is meant for your baby must be double-checked. Companies carefully provide the needed information to show how safe the product is before you buy the furniture plus decor online.

Online shopping is always fun, yet you cannot predict the exact outcome of a purchase just by looking at the tiny web pictures. Make sure you read all the details and if necessary, call the online shop and get that extra information that will save you the trouble of possible refund claims.

What About The Baby Room?

For the baby room, make sure you really have a good idea of how everything you put in it is going to actually look. Use lots of different colors as babies love the stimulation.

It is a good idea to pick up an entire nursery set if you can afford that. That way your child has a well decorated and designed room, from the start.

You can also opt to pre-plan your purchases based on room measurements. As mentioned earlier, you want the furniture plus decor to coincide with the size of the room.

A good deal of online furniture affiliates offer a whole range of accessories and decor to enjoy with the furniture. They offer hundreds of wonderful opportunities for choosing furniture for a baby nursery.

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Glider Rockers For Your Baby And You

Rock-a-bye Mommy in the treetop. Oops, that should have been “baby”. Well, you get the drift, don’t you? Glider Rockers for your baby and you could be the perfect choice for those lullaby times. It’s a smooth move for the little one(s).

Yes, they do rock, and in addition, they glide forward and backward. Some models swivel and even recline to give parent(s) and babies a more comfortable rocking experience.

Glider rockers have been used in the nursery and other rooms, wherever they are the most practical, for many years. The soothing motion of moving forward and back, calms babies and helps result in a sweet sleep.

That is a much-needed result for parent(s) and babies. Comfort is the keyword here. These glider rockers are used day and night for feeding and sleeping. When Mom is comfy, so is baby.

Having experienced these Glider Rockers for your baby and you in the retail business and buying sector, I’ll share some ways to help you make informed decisions.

Glider Rockers Are Available In Different Styles

You have many choices from traditional to contemporary and modern glider rockers. A Swivel Glider, when adding an ottoman, is a potentially great choice. It’s always nice to put your feet up and enjoy additional comfort. This type of glider swivels three hundred and sixty degrees and glides from front to back.

A Push Button Reclining Glider is an exciting way to bring the technical world into play. Just as you can purchase other furniture that reclines using an electric button, this control comes in handy with a reclining glider as well. So, this has the bells and whistles. You can recline electronically, glide and swivel.

A Regular Glider Rocker does exactly that, glides and rocks. They, like other glider rockers, are a parent’s dream, when it comes to where feeding, holding gently, and reading stories is required.

What Should You Look For When Purchasing?

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Sort of like location, location, and location. If it’s not great, it probably won’t do you a lot of good. We are small, medium, large, and somewhere-in-between people when it comes to our stature.

Once you find a glider rocker you like, be sure to sit in it for a little while. “Test drive” it, so to speak. How does your head, back, and lumbar area feel? If you’re a little over five feet like my lovely wife, (had to put that in there) you’ll want your feet to touch the floor. This makes sense if you really want to feel good after you’ve been in the glider rocker for a while.

What About The Quality Of Your Glider?

Your fabric choice is a great opportunity to choose quality and color. No matter what fabric you choose, I would recommend one that is durable and cleanable. Let’s face it, babies spit and they don’t care which direction and how much!

If Mom is looking for comfort, fabric choices might include those that provide a comfortable, warm feel. While leather and vinyl are cold, cloth fabric choices are softer and warmer for Mom!

The ruse that both leather and vinyl eventually warm up to your body temperature is barely accurate at its best. Besides, have you ever heard of a baby waiting patiently for Mom to be warm and comfortable before feeding begins? Not in my lifetime.

Therefore, I strongly suggest cleanable fabric. Although I’m recommending fabric, if you really want leather, you can buy fabric covers to put over your leather or vinyl glider rocker while using it in the nursery and then remove the cover once you want to use the glider rocker in another room. This is just a heads-up thought for you to consider.

Construction durability is of obvious importance. Hardwood frames, such as oak and cherry, are extremely well-built. However, with that comes a higher cost than softwood frames and even some metal, which are not as prevalent.

Armrests are something to consider as well. Mom or Dad often sit in the glider rocker for long periods of time. The cushion effect of an armrest is a major plus when you’ve been cradling the baby in your arms for a while. You’ll see these armrests on wooden glider rockers most of the time. Make sure you consider this when making your choice.

Of course, nearly all fabric, leather and vinyl do have padded arms. This is great, no matter what you purchase. Go ahead and spoil yourself with this simple addition to comfort.

How Much Will I Pay?

Perhaps as little as one-hundred-twenty five dollars or more and even into the thousands. This depends on you. Some parents like to invest a little more. In that case, they may be considering the use of the glider rocker in a different room once it is no longer needed in the nursery.

Obviously, the infant won’t always be that age and parents could choose a glider rocker that would fulfill both needs – present-day and then transition in the future. This would be cost-effective for long-term goals.

Leather and vinyl will usually have a higher price tag than other fabrics but they have better longevity.

Suffice it to say, whatever your choice is, you really do get what you pay for. I’ve found this to be true with over thirty-five years in the retail industry.

What About Warranties On Glider Rockers?

As I mentioned earlier, you often get what you pay for. Most manufacturers offer some type of warranty but as you’re looking at options, please be sure to check on whether the item you like includes one.

Many companies also offer extended warranties. Overall, I believe, in many cases, it’s well worth the additional cost. Make sure that you keep all paperwork (including the original receipt from your purchase) is kept with your financial records. If you should need to use your warranty coverage, you must be able to present the paperwork.

Summary Of Glider Rockers For Your Baby And You

A glider rocker is an item that both Mom and Dad will welcome as they spend hours comforting and feeding their baby. We’ve explored the different types of glider rockers for your baby and you – from the basic no-frills chair that rocks and glides to the bells and whistles of an electric reclining glider that also swivels.

Fabric versus leather or vinyl is also a feature to consider as you are looking at different models, as well as the comfort of armrests. Personal preference will guide your choices. Pricing varies as you make your choice of features – just remember, you get what you pay for! Be sure to check into warranties as you explore all your options.

baby in crib

Now it’s time to get started with your search for the perfect choice in glider rockers for your baby and you! If I can help you in any way, please leave your comments below.

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Furniture Plus Decor For Your Baby

Alright. Here you are with your newborn. Girl(s)? Boy(s)? One, twins, triplets, sextuplets? E-gads! Grandma, lend me a hand, a clothes washer, anything! Whatever your preferences, you’re sure to grab hold of some special choices of furniture plus decor for your baby that fit your needs.

triplet dollsGender determines the bedroom choices for your children. I’d like to help you with some ideas you might take a fancy to. We’ll look at choices that fit both genders and think about what they need and can get along without.

Let’s take a look-see. The possibilities are literally endless. We’ll narrow them down to the basics. Furnishing your baby’s room with what they require is an exciting time for the parent(s). Let’s move on and have some fun!

Furniture Plus Decor For Your Baby

Well, let’s see. First, comes into your world a sweet, beautiful, little baby(s). If you were already aware of the gender, you may have started with furniture choices. If not, your next step is usually buying furniture for him or her. Let’s take a look at where to start.

There are a lot of items for a baby’s bedroom to consider. You can’t get them all, so you look for what you really “need”. Obviously, you have to choose the necessary items that will at least cover the basic functions.

Furniture Needs For Baby Girls And Boys

We all have our own personalities that influence the furniture and decor choices we make for our babies. There’s no doubt you are going to pick some basic items, and that’s what we’ll take a look at here.

You can then expand on these ideas which will bring into account your own creativity. This will be a fun experience for you.
rocking chairf

The first item that comes to my mind is a ROCKING CHAIR that is for the comfort of Mom when rocking her little one to sleep or feeding. Using a rocking chair is undoubtedly a great motion addition that soothes and brings comfort to both baby and mother.

An alternative could be the use of a GLIDER. Both come with leather or fabric upholstery, and faux leathecrib & gliderr which is a lot easier to keep clean when accidents happen. Yes, have no doubts, accidents will occur.

So where does the baby sleep?

Naturally, in a bassinetBASSINET or a CRIB that meets safety standards. It could be fancy or very simple, whatever suits your taste.

chest of drawersWhat about a Chest of Drawers or Dresser or perhaps both? It’s a great idea to have at least three-to-four drawers in each and maybe even five. The little ones require a change of clothes quite frequently during a twelve-hour period or more. Keeping everything contained in one room and at hand makes those changes easy.

You’re all aware of Changing Tables and they are great to have if room permits. There are many designs available that can fit a budget and your particular preferences.

More Thoughts About Baby Furniture

When choosing a rocking chair or glider, you need to be able to sit down with your baby and have as much comfort as possible. This is very important during feeding time. Whenever possible, you may want to choose one that rocks and swivels as well. Look closely at the arms on the item you choose – they will get a lot of use as you hold the baby so they need to be at a comfortable height (some padding never hurts either)!

What other thoughts for your bassinet or crib should be considered? They must be safe! Moms and dads soon realize that government-recognized safety rules are there to protect their little ones. Be careful about blankets and crib liners as these can cause suffocation of infants.

Considering babies (newborns) can sleep up to 13-15 hours a day, the crib or bassinet must be comfortable and meet safety guidelines. Be sure the baby can be seen from all sides of the crib, especially if you are monitoring them by video.

baby changing pad

To reiterate, it’s no surprise that the little squirts go through diapers and clothes numerous times a day. Easily four to five times a day and into early evening. Do you have room for a changing table? If not, you can purchase a changing pad and use it on top of the dresser or chest.

Decor And Other Goodies For Your Babies

A firm mattress is what I recommend, simply because they provide great support. Foam may be OK for adults, however, I strongly suggest you stay away from them for the safety of the baby. Obviously, hypoallergenic is a strong suit when making your choice.

Yes, it’s true. Babies wet the bed! I know, hard to believe, isn’t it? Joking aside, be sure to purchase a waterproof cover for the mattress and if your little one sleeps with you, it’s important to protect your own mattress as well. Quality sheets are a given, preferably tight-weave cotton. Have back-up sheet supplies because you’re going to be washing and washing and…well, you get the idea.

A pillow for Mom is a great relief when rocking the little one. If Mom’s comfortable, there’s a good chance the baby will be as well.

Don’t forget the obvious: have plenty of extras when it comes to cleaning supplies, clothes, and a personal manufacturing plant to roll out diaper after diaper! Seriously speaking, consider quality diapers in addition to a good stack of wipes.

Other Items to Consider

As I suggested earlier, a changing table is wonderful to have but if not possible then a changing pad as mentioned above.

Have you considered toys? It’s a good idea to a point. Don’t go overboard as you can introduce your baby to different ones over time. They do grow, and with their growth comes different interests.

crib mobile
Our little ones loved their mobiles.

They were entertaining and made them smile a lot, kick their legs and coo a bunch. In other words, they enjoyed them. Give them a twirl!

diaper stack

Where have you planned to throw those wet, soiled diapers your baby uses quite frequently? A diaper pail? Yes! Let’s face it, they smell and something with a lid can curb that. Use a kitchen trash bag inside the pail, deposit those special treats the kids leave in their diapers, and tie the bag before finally putting it all in the regular trash. There are products available that will even vacuum-seal your dirty diapers so that the odor is minimal and the bag is compact for your trash can.

That’s It When Choosing Baby Furniture

As you’ve read through this, I trust this information about baby furniture and decor was insightful and helpful. Perhaps fresh ideas have spurred some wonderful steps you’ll take to make great choices for your baby.

My goal is to help you help yourself. Whatever your needs are, I’ll gladly assist you in your special search, using information and resources to guide you in your decisions.

When it all gets down to it, choices of furniture plus decor for your baby are too numerous to mention. What are the absolute necessities? Would you like to have everything possible? Perhaps, but once the little love gets in your home, ideas can change.

Give yourself a little leeway and leave space for additions.

Carson Dane



Carson Dane, Founder