Baby Decor For Your Boy

In order to create a one-of-a-kind space for your baby boy, there are several areas to consider in the process of making the room design a cohesive one. You will want to decide on an overall decorating theme and then choose paint colors and furniture style. Once these decisions have been made, it’s time for choosing coordinating baby decor and accessories!

This can be hugely enjoyable for the parent(s). It’s like being a kid again with the excitement of getting something new. Remember what is often referred to as our “child within”? Go with it and have fun! Enjoy this opportunity to spoil your newborn boy with gender-unique baby decor that also makes you happy.

Considerations For Your Boy
boy child

As we all know, our babies are always the cutest and we find ourselves picking equally special decor and accessories for our unique bundles of joy. Keep in mind that your theme and baby decor will usually take you through the first couple of years of your baby’s life so you want to make choices accordingly. Choose items that are age-appropriate but can still “grow” along with the baby.

Sports Theme Baby Decor

There’s always a sport that can be a catalyst for a theme. The first that comes to mind for a boy is some type of BALL – bseball in glovebaseball, soccer, basketball, or football, for example. You might consider painting one wall to mimic the ball of the sport you’ve chosen and using an area rug that matches the sport.

Additional decor could include artwork with a football idea. How about pictures of famous characters in uniforms? Perhaps having a photo of your baby in a sports outfit? Cute as can be and wonderful memories as he grows. These could be hung, along with other decor items that coordinate with the pictures. For instance a baseball glove, hat, or ball. Maybe even a jersey of a favorite team or other memorabilia.

Planes, Trains, and Car Decor

hanging model plane

No matter the age, it’s a “Guy Thing”. Planes, trains, or cars are one surefire theme for a boy. Toy model trains or cars can be displayed on shelves that you’ve hung or a colorful model airplane can be strung to hang above the crib, high enough to be out of baby’s reach. Other safe baby toys can be displayed on his dresser or chest of drawers. These can be hard or soft toys. No “girly” stuff for the little guy. We’ll save the “girly” stuff for another article.

Nature Theme Decor

How about an outdoor look? Perhaps if you are artistic, you can paint a wall mural. If not, look at wallpaper or wall decals as an option. To complement this theme, you could include framed colorful nature pictures, a rustic-looking lamp, and accessories such as cuddly stuffed rabbits or other animals he can interact with. A soft area rug in an “earthy” tone can pull everything together.

Perhaps you will spin off the nature idea to incorporate an animal theme. Which animal catches your attention the most? There could be numerous possibilities including the obvious cats and dogs, bears, birds, African animals such as giraffes or elephants, and many others. These choices could be highlighted in wallpaper, lamps, bedding sets, or rugs.


alphabet blocks

How about using the letters of the alphabet and numbers in primary colors? ABC blocks in bright colors on a shelf or hanging on the wall. A rug with large numbers in red, green, blue, and yellow. numbers

Borrowing from pages in alphabet or number books for babies might introduce “A is for apple, B is for ball,” etc. in framed artwork. This theme, complemented by baby decor, might encourage early learning as your child goes from infant to toddler. Let your imagination be your guide as you explore all the possibilities.

Cartoon Characters

Dr Seuss Things

A cartoon theme for the youngster is a very hot item. There are a plethora of options. What about centering your room decor around a favorite character?

Paint a brightly-colored mural on one wall and then match other items for the room either to the theme or the colors in the mural. Perhaps you can even find a mobile to hang over the crib that goes along with the theme or colors. When the baby is in the crib, he can be entertained by the mural and mobile.

Theme-related accessories might include a lamp with the characters on the base or lampshade, a shelf full of resin models of the characters, or bedding that features them.

Accessories With Baby Decor

Now that you’ve worked through all the choices listed above, it is time to accessorize! Add a splash of color, something that will bring “comfort” to the baby (or you) – look for things that accent what you have already chosen.

Of course, there comes the choice of bedding and the playful combination of colors. This might include a complete bedding set with pillows that are safe for children. Some parents choose to avoid pillows, which does have merit due to the safety hazards of having anything in the crib with an infant.

Other considerations are curtains to match your chosen bedroom colors or theme, and lamps placed safely away from the baby’s curious mind and little hands. If you have a rocker in the room, be sure to choose a theme- or color-coordinated seat cushion that is thick enough to withstand those long nights when you are rocking your baby to sleep!

Next is the choice of super-soft, “fluffy” area rugs that your bundle of joy can play on under your watchful eye. This allows a great fun time in an area bigger than his crib.

Your purchase of wall hangings (pictures, art, quilt squares, etc.) can be a wonderful addition to the theme you have chosen.

Also consider self-framed photos of the little one with parent(s), with sisters and brothers, and other relatives. These can be hung on the wall mixed in with purchased art. The list, with coordinating styles to match the theme, could be as endless as your imagination.

Thinking of items that hang, we all know babies love movement, color, and music. You just can’t pass up that very special mobile to hang above the crib. The coos, laughter, and smiles will soon follow.

Accessories to your baby decor for boys should include delightful stuffed animals. There are so many varieties, you should be able to easily find something to fit in with the theme you have chosen for the baby’s bedroom. These can be set on top of dressers or placed on wall shelves. If you have several of them, they could also be displayed in a basket near the crib.

What Baby Decor Is Right For Your Youngster?

We have looked at many possibilities for the new addition to your family. So incredible is the variety of choices. Baby decor, accessories, and themes rolled into one fantastic, colorful idea.

Wallpaper, paint, nature themes, sports, cartoon decor, and the list goes on and on, left only to your imagination. As you move ahead with your decisions, remember what themes have excited you, not only as a child but even today.

I’m ready to help you today – working together to connect you with great sources. I’ll plug you into the exciting world of baby decor. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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