Characteristics of Contemporary Living Room Furniture Sets

contemp living rm furniture set

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of contemporary living room furniture sets. Contemporary design is extremely popular and many buyers seek out this wonderful style to enhance their home. Very often, shoppers feel contemporary might be out of their reach. Not so! Contemporary purchases are easy to achieve and quite affordable.

In its simplest explanation, the design has to do with what is happening now, in the present, and at the moment. Others call contemporary a style that is in existence in the immediate time frame, what is in use now. It continually evolves.

In a nutshell, that’s what defines the style.

It could be contemporary today and out of style tomorrow. This would undoubtedly give a complete change in look and how it attracts individuals over time.

We will be looking today at common features in contemporary furniture, contemporary designs, what makes living room furniture contemporary, and homeowners’ contemporary choices.

Contemporary living room furniture sets have certain recognizable characteristics and features.

Common Features In Contemporary Furniture

1. The silhouettes (outlines) are quite simple with smooth, curvy lines and, of course, shapes that are geometric in nature.

2. There are very few details that are ornamental in the look.

3. Usually they have a shiny finish over what are typically neutral colors. These could include gray and silver tones, light tan, or chrome. White and even black are major color contributors. Then you can include brown, cream, and perhaps taupe.

These neutral colors are often highlighted with bold solids such as red, giving it a tone-on-tone combination. Bold accent colors should be used rather sparingly.

4. Fabrics that are often used include vinyl, wool, linen, cotton, leather, and microfiber.fabric swatches These are generally preferred over material that is heavy. Soft and comfy is often sought after. Print fabric is unlikely to be seen on contemporary furniture. There are times, however, when this can happen. Even then, the patterns tend to be subtle.

5. There are quite a few different modern materials used in the construction of contemporary living room furniture sets.

These use present-day technology and incorporate wood, glass, nickel, steel, plastic, and, of course, metal. These materials are often married together with different textures such as jute or even hemp. The function of the final product is your first priority followed by the visual that’s being considered.

Contemporary living room in leather

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Designs

When considering contemporary living room furniture sets to buy, it’s actually quite simple in so many ways. That’s because it is “simple” in design. There is an understated design in the style, with few, if any, frills. Basic and simple is the key.

It has a high degree of fashion and can be very functional because it is often designed with storage possibilities.

Contemporary living room furniture has evolved throughout history from Contemporary chair in wood many styles. Such examples include Mid-Century Modern, Danish Modern, Minimalism, Art Deco designs, traditional and even futuristic.

Furniture designs from late in the 20th and early 21st centuries may be considered influencers of a contemporary living room furniture set today.
The 1970s began the heyday of contemporary.

Some wood finishes could be cherry, walnut, and oak. Typically, however, the wood is lighter such as birch, maple, or other light-finished wood stock.

contemporary sofa & tables

What Makes A Living Room Contemporary

If you are considering a new look for your living room furniture, contemporary being your choice, there are a few considerations you’ll want to think about.

This may be your first “Look and See” at contemporary styles for your living room. If this is the case, it is not uncommon to find it difficult to distinguish different design styles from one another. You’re not the only person that has experienced this. Undoubtedly, this is a common occurrence because of so many styles that overlap each other.

The shape of contemporary, as touched upon earlier, relies on minimalism (less is better.) In addition, neutral colors and lines that are curved are important. Neutral walls are important, along with the curved lines of the furnishings. This look verges on Art Deco.

Curved furniture is a perfect choice, along with light and decor selections, for your living room area. Furniture which has clean lines, shapes that are simple, and styles that lend themselves to comfort are key components of today’s contemporary living room furniture sets. Chairs, sofas, and love seats often have arms and legs that are usually round or squared and not bulky.

Lighting that is modern, natural, and artificial is always a great opportunity to create something that has your personal signature on it.

Homeowners’ Choices For Contemporary Living Room Sets

Because contemporary choices can come from different eras, this makes for a great opportunity for you to be very creative with your personal likes. Whether it’s furniture or decor, it’s possible to stay in tune with what’s happening in the contemporary scene.

What are your personal likes? What strikes your personal tastes? You have a plethora of possibilities to bring a current contemporary look to your home.

Contemporary living room furniture

What if you love contemporary but over a short time period (3-5 years), contemporary switches gears and changes to the new “Now”? Are you going to choose the new “Now”? With that will come an additional investment. What will you do with your current contemporary living room set that is still in great condition?

Final Thoughts

We are happy to bring this information to you and look forward to helping you achieve that perfect choice of contemporary living room sets. We want you to make quality selections. Quality materials are very important to consider. Brand names are always a vital area to consider.

Today we have provided you with some exciting tips that can make your decision-making easier. First, we shared about the characteristics of contemporary furniture. What’s happening now, in the moment? Neutral colors, simplicity, curvy lines, and light woods are all characteristics of the contemporary style.

Next came commonality, followed by designs. Then, what makes a living room contemporary. Finally, how homeowners make their contemporary choices … be you. Creativity with your choices makes the living room yours. You have placed your personal touch on your future style. What an exciting threshold to cross!

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