A Marble Console Table For You

marble table 1Standing in the hall welcoming guests in the entry way, a marble console table has long been part of a home’s decor. Always useful, its popularity is vastly increasing as part of a living room’s decor.

Designed to be placed against a wall, the tables are now being placed against the back of sofas as well. Therefore, they are also often referred to as a sofa table.

So, not only can they hold a momentary place for the day’s mail as you come in the door, they can also provide a space behind your sofa to show some beautiful decor. There are many opportunities to use and display a beautiful marble console table.

We’ll look at wonderful attributes as well as the pros and cons. I will be very transparent as trust is very important for you and me.
Check out a marble console today.

Once, Just Decorative

Console tables now have a greater purpose. They can be used to store and display your favorite things. Many now have drawers that provide privacy for your personal items.

Feel free to welcome your guests with a bouquet of bright blooms. Add your favorite pictures, perhaps of family or travels that you’ve enjoyed.

Not only will you have storage and display space, but you will also have the chance to showcase your personal style with the console table you choose. Perhaps you like the elegant look of a rich cherry-finished table with gracefully curved legs.

What about the contemporary feel of a metal base with a smooth marble top? Maybe you prefer the country charm of a barn red table with a love-worn, distressed finish for that cottage appeal.

Whatever Your Fancy

Whatever your fancy that will fit in your home or add some punch to your decor, you can find it in a console table. They’re marble table 2everything you need when looking for this type of table. A perfect marriage of storage and style.

Some have spaces for a stack of books. Others have doors and drawers. I’ve personally, in my own furniture store, had those with multiple shelves and doors with windows so you’ll easily see what’s in there.

Colors For Your Console

Reflections of other countries’ consoles from France, Italy, or perhaps Persia, will come to mind with their hand-painted details. Others are a bit whimsical, with bright spots or polka dots. There are so many styles, shapes, and sizes that are available.

You’re sure to find a console table that fits your everyday need. Coordinate it with the colors in your sofa or the shape of your coffee table. Try brightening a hallway with a flower-covered beauty. The choices are endless.

People Are Enchanted

More and more, people are enchanted with console tables. It has almost become a mainstay in a living room. It’s so versatile that once you have one, it’s hard to imagine how you got along without it.

You can see many different designs, right here online.
No matter what type you choose, a marble console table will create a stunning and functional focal point in any room.

Pros And Cons Of Marble

Without any doubt, marble is a gorgeous material. It’s elegant in nearly any room, for whatever its useful purpose. With this much-loved stone, comes the price (more like an investment).

PRO: What makes up the material is found in its natural state throughout the world. It is, by its nature, a bit sophisticated, at least in the minds of many. Like a diamond before its finish sparkles. Highly sought after. Expensive to a degree, but, my oh my, what beauty.

Another pro: There are ways to protect marble by cleaning after stain removal and following up by polishing.

CON: Have you ever tried lifting a boulder…even a small one? We’re talking heavy! That’s what marble is, heavy. We’re talking HE-MAN heavy. Fortunately, we’re only talking a smaller console table here. Whew!

If you decide to put drinks on marble, remember, marble is very porous. Spills can cause stains because of this. Simply put, don’t put your drinks on marble, unless you’ve protected your marble at the outset.

PRO: Proper care of your marble console table, like anything, results in a long time enjoyment. Your home, on average, doesn’t get high traffic such as you see in a museum, so longevity is in your favor.

Another pro: I mentioned earlier that marble is a natural stone, which means no two are alike. You have a one-of-a-kind. Nature has provided a wonder of colors to choose from.

CON: Marble goes through a degrading process. If you don’t take care of it, well…you get the drift. This is particularly true in the kitchen, but once again, we’re referring to something with less use. However, as mentioned before, good care is key to long-time beauty.

marble table 3

You May Look Right Here For A Marble Console Table

If you are looking for that very special item for your home, consider this as an option to fill some of your furniture desires. It’s perfect for use in a number of ways.

Whether it be a hallway through the entry or any empty wall that you’d like to turn into something beautiful, this is a great choice. A little pizazz for your gorgeous home.

It will add so much style to your home. The luxury of a marble-topped table will bring a big smile to you and your guests.

The longevity of the marble’s life and pros such as flat out beautiful, natural material, none alike, all different for a one-of-a-kind presentation are all pluses. It’s sophisticated, as mentioned earlier, and available for a lengthy time of use, to adorn your home.

It’s just like a diamond to be treasured. A piece that can be passed down to generations. Numerous colors from the hands of nature.

Perhaps a cherry-finished base, or hickory, oak, maple, and so many other choices to suit your personal style and creativeness.
Other features include drawers with easy glides and doors with glass windows to display some of your collectibles.

There are so many ways to capture the usefulness of this choice. Whatever your final decision is, be sure to look right here. With thirty- five years of furniture and consulting experience, my goal is to help you with your choice of a Marble Console Table.

Until next time.

I trust you’ve enjoyed this read.

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