Glider Rockers For Your Baby And You

Rock-a-bye Mommy in the treetop. Oops, that should have been “baby”. Well, you get the drift, don’t you? Glider Rockers for your baby and you could be the perfect choice for those lullaby times. It’s a smooth move for the little one(s).

Yes, they do rock, and in addition, they glide forward and backward. Some models swivel and even recline to give parent(s) and babies a more comfortable rocking experience.

Glider rockers have been used in the nursery and other rooms, wherever they are the most practical, for many years. The soothing motion of moving forward and back, calms babies and helps result in a sweet sleep.

That is a much-needed result for parent(s) and babies. Comfort is the keyword here. These glider rockers are used day and night for feeding and sleeping. When Mom is comfy, so is baby.

Having experienced these Glider Rockers for your baby and you in the retail business and buying sector, I’ll share some ways to help you make informed decisions.

Glider Rockers Are Available In Different Styles

You have many choices from traditional to contemporary and modern glider rockers. A Swivel Glider, when adding an ottoman, is a potentially great choice. It’s always nice to put your feet up and enjoy additional comfort. This type of glider swivels three hundred and sixty degrees and glides from front to back.

A Push Button Reclining Glider is an exciting way to bring the technical world into play. Just as you can purchase other furniture that reclines using an electric button, this control comes in handy with a reclining glider as well. So, this has the bells and whistles. You can recline electronically, glide and swivel.

A Regular Glider Rocker does exactly that, glides and rocks. They, like other glider rockers, are a parent’s dream, when it comes to where feeding, holding gently, and reading stories is required.

What Should You Look For When Purchasing?

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Sort of like location, location, and location. If it’s not great, it probably won’t do you a lot of good. We are small, medium, large, and somewhere-in-between people when it comes to our stature.

Once you find a glider rocker you like, be sure to sit in it for a little while. “Test drive” it, so to speak. How does your head, back, and lumbar area feel? If you’re a little over five feet like my lovely wife, (had to put that in there) you’ll want your feet to touch the floor. This makes sense if you really want to feel good after you’ve been in the glider rocker for a while.

What About The Quality Of Your Glider?

Your fabric choice is a great opportunity to choose quality and color. No matter what fabric you choose, I would recommend one that is durable and cleanable. Let’s face it, babies spit and they don’t care which direction and how much!

If Mom is looking for comfort, fabric choices might include those that provide a comfortable, warm feel. While leather and vinyl are cold, cloth fabric choices are softer and warmer for Mom!

The ruse that both leather and vinyl eventually warm up to your body temperature is barely accurate at its best. Besides, have you ever heard of a baby waiting patiently for Mom to be warm and comfortable before feeding begins? Not in my lifetime.

Therefore, I strongly suggest cleanable fabric. Although I’m recommending fabric, if you really want leather, you can buy fabric covers to put over your leather or vinyl glider rocker while using it in the nursery and then remove the cover once you want to use the glider rocker in another room. This is just a heads-up thought for you to consider.

Construction durability is of obvious importance. Hardwood frames, such as oak and cherry, are extremely well-built. However, with that comes a higher cost than softwood frames and even some metal, which are not as prevalent.

Armrests are something to consider as well. Mom or Dad often sit in the glider rocker for long periods of time. The cushion effect of an armrest is a major plus when you’ve been cradling the baby in your arms for a while. You’ll see these armrests on wooden glider rockers most of the time. Make sure you consider this when making your choice.

Of course, nearly all fabric, leather and vinyl do have padded arms. This is great, no matter what you purchase. Go ahead and spoil yourself with this simple addition to comfort.

How Much Will I Pay?

Perhaps as little as one-hundred-twenty five dollars or more and even into the thousands. This depends on you. Some parents like to invest a little more. In that case, they may be considering the use of the glider rocker in a different room once it is no longer needed in the nursery.

Obviously, the infant won’t always be that age and parents could choose a glider rocker that would fulfill both needs – present-day and then transition in the future. This would be cost-effective for long-term goals.

Leather and vinyl will usually have a higher price tag than other fabrics but they have better longevity.

Suffice it to say, whatever your choice is, you really do get what you pay for. I’ve found this to be true with over thirty-five years in the retail industry.

What About Warranties On Glider Rockers?

As I mentioned earlier, you often get what you pay for. Most manufacturers offer some type of warranty but as you’re looking at options, please be sure to check on whether the item you like includes one.

Many companies also offer extended warranties. Overall, I believe, in many cases, it’s well worth the additional cost. Make sure that you keep all paperwork (including the original receipt from your purchase) is kept with your financial records. If you should need to use your warranty coverage, you must be able to present the paperwork.

Summary Of Glider Rockers For Your Baby And You

A glider rocker is an item that both Mom and Dad will welcome as they spend hours comforting and feeding their baby. We’ve explored the different types of glider rockers for your baby and you – from the basic no-frills chair that rocks and glides to the bells and whistles of an electric reclining glider that also swivels.

Fabric versus leather or vinyl is also a feature to consider as you are looking at different models, as well as the comfort of armrests. Personal preference will guide your choices. Pricing varies as you make your choice of features – just remember, you get what you pay for! Be sure to check into warranties as you explore all your options.

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Now it’s time to get started with your search for the perfect choice in glider rockers for your baby and you! If I can help you in any way, please leave your comments below.

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