Genuine Leather Sofa For Your Home

Changing your old sofa is the same as removing the old plastic covering that has been hanging on your living room lamp say, for five years. OK, OK. It’s not that bad.

Oh dear…the only design you are seeing now on that sofa is one of the newest stains provided by a family member. Oops and oops again!

Then again, have you thought of the acrobatics it takes for you to get up from the sofa you now have? That’s a bummer. This probably means it’s time for a new one.
Leather couch
A new leather sofa could be just what you need for your home. There are many factors that affect the comfort and elegance leather brings to your living areas. Cushion construction is a big area to consider.

Leather grades, such as top grain are to be strongly considered. It’s thick, which means it’s extremely durable. Top leather will bring you physical and personal comfort.

There are numerous styles to choose from, including casual to contemporary. You can go luxurious with very modern.

How about genuine leather sofa choices from a reputable company? I’m aware of those that have been serving customers for years. Right here, online you can choose what you really want, in the convenience of your own home.

Changing Your Old Sofa

Fortunately, finding that special leather sofa is so easy now. You will find that shopping online is not in vain and a heck of a lot easier than driving from store-to-store to browse. Your sofa selection can be a wonderful experience for you, right here.

I will ease you out of the trouble of choosing a genuine leather sofa. I will give you thirty-five years of experienced guidelines to make your choice easier. My goal is to help you.

Consider The Size Of Your Leather Sofa

Before you do anything, decide what size you should buy. Your present sofa might answer that question very quickly.

door of house

However, there are some things to consider.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you use your room size as the basis for this decision. The primary reason for this is to avoid the chance that the sofa may not fit through a narrow door. You don’t want to damage your new sofa trying to get it into the house!

If you are living on a second or third floor, there may be stairs or elevators to contend with. Again, it is not only the length of the leather sofa that matters but also its width and height and maximum size that the room will allow. The time to check this takes about ten to fifteen minutes maximum. Remember to measure your point of entry into the house and into your room as well.

The Color Of Leather For Your Sofa

As far as home design is concerned, neutral colors still remain the ideal choices. By going with neutral colors in the wall color and the larger furniture pieces, you can accent with hot and striking colors by adding an area rug, throw pillows, or pops of color with art work.

This is much less expensive and they will be great additions to your home decor. After a while you can easily change up the colors with pillow covers or new pillows with a whole different style and look.

Leather Is A Great Lifestyle Change

When assessing a lifestyle you love, you may want to strongly consider a leather sofa. Visualize where the sofa will be placed in the home. Will it be in the den, living room, or elsewhere?

Because this is one of the larger pieces inside the home, you want to be sure all matching products fit in well.

There’s no doubt that leather is a great choice for kids and adults when it comes to wear and tear. On top of that is the ease of cleaning. If you want longevity for a sofa, leather is the ticket.

The Color Of Leather For Your Sofa

As far as home design is concerned, neutral colors still remain the
ideal choices. By going with neutral colors in wall color and the larger
furniture pieces, you can accent with hot and striking colors by adding
an area rug, throw pillows or pops of color with artwork.

This is much less expensive and they will be great additions to your
home decor. After a while you can easily change up the colors with
pillow covers or new pillows with a whole different style and look.

The moment eventually arrives when you choose to purchase a genuine leather sofa. The number of leather colors is too numerous to mention. There are so many possibilities.

Different strokes for different folks, right? That’s where creativity comes in. A darker leather seems to be a super color choice. This leather color gives you more of a traditional look.

As you are aware, most everyone loves fall colors. This is no different when choosing colors for this gorgeous leather sofa. Families love browns and golds, as well as other fall colors for their home.
leather colors

What shows, personally, inside your home? That’s easy! Your creativity, as well as influences from the whole family, can play a part in bringing the room together. Opinions from everyone will help determine the final decision. Then again, if it’s an empty nest scenario…well, just a tad easier, I would say.

If you enjoy modern or contemporary styles, yellow, red, beige (light) and white are great selections. On the other hand, you have a plethora of choices that are at your fingertips. Your personal style and what appeals to you is the overriding deal maker.

Your Leather Sofa Choice

When you’re standing in your living room or den, with guests, that beautiful furniture, which includes the sofa, calls out to them. Before long, friends and family will be enjoying the luxury of quality. Deep comfort that hugs you and provides a wonderful living experience.

But wait, that’s not all! OK, I got a little carried away there. I would be amiss if I didn’t share another tip. How about a reclining leather sofa with a console in the middle?

This has been a huge, popular choice for many families over the past few years. First, you have durable, comfortable leather. Second, there’s a choice of electric recliners or non-electric. On top of that, you can have a console in the middle. It holds drinks and an often-lost TV remote. Just tuck it away, ready for the next day.

Your Leather Opportunities

My goal is to help you. These points presented are designed to move you in the right direction, when a genuine leather sofa is on your list to consider for your home.

Please be aware of the links I’ve included during your reading of this post. They guide you to what I believe are top quality brands that have been time-tested. That’s the only place I would ever guide you.

I hope this information and the links provided will be of value to you when making a winning choice of your new genuine leather sofa.

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Carson Dane, Founder

The 5 Insights When Choosing Wood Patio Furniture

Wood patio furniture offers yet another opportunity to enjoy fun in the sun. The benefits of wood allow you to indulge in real quality. It sets itself aside from many other materials. This includes longevity, a style that’s always popular, and beautiful finishes, not found elsewhere.

Wood patio furniture

Yes, it’s timeless in nature. Providing solid comfort to enjoy, and
the opportunity to spend endless days and nights, sharing the same
comfort and beauty with family and friends.

Let’s share more about the style and durability of wood patio
furniture. A great choice for outdoor living, winter, spring, summer, or

Wood Patio Furniture

For you, I am suggesting SOLID wood patio furniture. There’s walnut. This, of course, is dark, with a beautiful richness to its finish. This is an heirloom-quality wood, used in many furniture styles, through the centuries. Taken care of, which is very easy, it makes your investment well worth it.

Next, there is maple. This choice comes with a tradition of extreme quality. The smooth-as-silk finish, with gorgeous grain, lends itself to the straight line beauty it’s known for. This choice of maple is yet another great, long-term value. A hand-me- over-to-children gem.

Now here’s a winner. Hickory! I see the rustic look everywhere. The really popular wood is a hit because of the different grain patterns. If rustic has been on your mind, this is a must “look at”. It provides you with a warm, inviting look.

My many trips to furniture markets resulted in numerous purchases of solid cherry. Yes, it’s definitely available in patio furniture, but harder to find. It is available in different stains, and as it ages, it darkens a bit, to a color that’s deep and rich, with a nice patina finish.
samples of wood

What about oak? Knock on wood, I didn’t forget! Perhaps one of the greatest selling solid woods, period. Look online, anywhere, and there it is! Many families have enjoyed solid construction for hundreds of years.

Were you aware it comes in red oak as well as white oak? If you said yes, you are correct. It does. White oak has a grain that’s a little finer with a gold finish as opposed to the red oak.

Are there other solid woods? Absolutely, but I want to familiarize you with what I consider to be the best for wood patio furniture. All of these can wear well in varying temperatures when the finishes are taken care of. Obviously, not all patio choices are just for the outside, but every material requires good care for longevity.

Taking Care of Solid Wood Patio Sets

Let’s debunk an old tale (wood is hard to take care of.) Solid wood patio sets are easy to take care of. It all comes down to the care of your investment.

Let’s say you have an inside patio and you want to place your new patio set there. Simply dust it frequently, and protect it from moisture (A simple plastic cover will do.) I’m not talking about having to cover them every day, just when there is occasional moisture.

microfiber cloths

DON’T USE silicone-based spraying products. This leaves a shiny film, and it’s just flat out not good, on your beautiful solid wood.
Microfiber dusting cloths are wonderful. What about a cotton cloth, or a duster? This is simple but extremely effective.

Yes… It’s An Investment In Solid Wood Patio Selections.

Everyone invests In something. Here, we’re talking solid wood…a slightly bigger investment than with other materials. Why do we invest in premium? We get premium results. Solid, durable, and long-lasting. A beautiful home addition you’ll be proud of for years to come.

In a practical sense, this is a less expensive purchase in the long run. If it lasts substantially longer than other materials, you’re not looking to buy in a couple of years, as you would be with something of less quality. This makes sense for those looking for quality and long-term savings.

The Pros and Cons of Solid Wood

Have you ever sat on plastic or metal in the dead heat of any particular day? Ouch, that smarts! Not true of solid wood. At least, at a minimum, it’s much more comfortable and bearable.

Solid wood, when treated and sealed by the factory, will last a very long time. Wood holds a good deal of weight and that’s why your choice of chairs, benches and picnic tables in this material is highly recommended for durability.

On the flip side, wood is heavy and more expensive. There’s a degree of care which is required, that metal and plastic don’t need. Protection from moisture is key, as earlier mentioned.
furniture cover

The great thing is that covers are readily available online, just as the furniture is. A simple cover on rainy days does the trick and provides the necessary protection.

This Is Your Opportunity To Compare

Briefly, I will share the pros and cons of plastic and metal, to solid wood. Metal is widely known to be extremely strong. Like wood, it can hold a lot of weight. With a quality coating, it actually holds up well. It’s also available in numerous finishes.

The downside is, as earlier mentioned, your burning skin just doesn’t make a day go well. A shaded area would be your best, safer bet.

What about plastic? Well, great color schemes are available to do some great decorating. On a beach day, you can even fold up the lightweight loungers or chairs and enjoy a day of surf and sand!

Yes, plastic, in comparison to metal and wood, is inexpensive. However, have you ever noticed sun-bleached plastic? It’s faded, and sometimes cracked because it doesn’t hold much weight.

Wood Patio Furniture

So, here we are. Your opportunity to consider indoor or outdoor patio furniture. A huge array of possibilities await your perusal. It’s been fun sharing the different hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, oak (red and white), and hickory.

Is there more? You bet, but these are what I would suggest keying in on. You need durable, long-lasting, beautifully finished wood patio furniture for your attractive patio area. A great investment for you, your family, and friends!

I invite you to consider your choice. Enjoy your wood patio furniture selection, and the comfort available. Go ahead. After deciding and having it delivered, lay back, relax, and possibly read a book. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch a sunny nap in the mild, gentle breeze.

Carson Dane

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane

Garden Patio Furniture with 7 Points to Consider

Patio FurnitureAre you ready for the laid-back comfort of patio furniture?  Basking in the sun with friends? Enjoying the built-in quality you’ve found in your selection? Yes, I’d bet you’re at the point to settle in.

All you have to do is position it in the right place. Where would you like to put your new garden patio furniture? The season for these comfy sets is sometimes year-round, depending on where you live. Ours is on an inside, screened-in patio. Wherever the placement, you’re sure to enjoy yourself with family, friends, and of course, nature.

There’s no doubt, garden patio furniture continues to be popular, and will be well into the future. Sales are in the billions, and there’s a good reason… increased quality because good patio sets are more durable than in the past. This adds to personal comfort.

I will touch upon 7 quality ideas for garden patio furniture. Everyone enjoys the best and that’s how I can help you.

You Need Patio Furniture That’s Durable.

As mentioned earlier, patio furniture could go through all four seasons, depending on where you live. Quality is a key feature, which means a purchase that’s durable.

Fortunately, many manufacturers of patio furniture have made great strides in the construction of this type of furniture. You want your garden patio furniture to last and that’s what I’ll guide you towards. You want furniture that can last for years.

My personal preference is wicker. I’ll get to that in a more detailed article for you. Obviously, there are many patio types to choose from, and an array of finishes and colors. You’ll be able to use your creative side to determine what’s right for you.

To Assemble or Not?Wicker patio furniture

Ready or not? Is your patio furniture already assembled when shipped to you? That would be terrific if it is. However, most purchases come ready to assemble.

The truth is, if directions are read, it’s pretty easy to do. However, if you do it by the seat of your pants… well… you get my drift.

The great deal is, manufacturers have gained huge ground in the self-assembly categories. They know this is important to their customers. This awareness has made the assembly of their products customer-friendly.

How Much For Your Patio Furniture?

Like all furniture for your home, the investment depends on many things. From low-end to high-end, and everything in between. With that scenario comes the quality of construction and the materials used. Is it metal, plastic, or wood?

Your price follows suit. The style you are looking for is likely available in whatever materials you choose, and the price range you want to stay in. Quality is always a key factor in anyone’s decision. The proverbial, “You get what you pay for,” is no different in choosing garden patio furniture.

Help. I Can’t Lift This!

Oops and oops again. I have this beautiful new patio set and I live with my son. I’m not a spring chicken, although I’m quite healthy, I am not quite as strong as I used to be.

How am I going to move this, even with his help? Call in the troops. Hello, anyone out there?

What if No One is Available?

Now, this was a bit of a silly scenario, but some food for thought. Some folks can lift 35 lbs. and some 135 lbs. It’s possible you may need some help.

Ah… here are some answers to that circumstance. Wicker is a great choice, made from plastic (lighter) or wood (slightly heavier). Obviously, steel is out of the question, but how about aluminum? Hey, now we’re cooking! Something that can be moved in a manageable way.

What About Climate Change?

Just as an additional thought, do you live where climate change requires storing your patio furniture? Easy enough. How about storage bins, perhaps your personal garage, or extra seating in your TV room! Just kidding. Not exactly practical, right?

If you do store your patio furniture, you may want to consider the cold, heat, humidity, and other climate changes for the season you’re in. We have wood wicker, so are aware of covering them and also wrapping the cushions in a plastic bag that you can take the air out of. This works great for all types of material.

Let’s Back Up A Tad.

I’ll bet you’re interested in the comfort of your furniture. Everyone is, right? Top-quality, custom-made, can be your ticket. Yes, a bigger investment, but hey, it’s your body we’re talking about here.

Many pieces of patio furniture, such as chairs, can even recline to the comfort you choose. Some have cushions, (my cup of tea), and they come in fabric, plastic, and other quality materials.

Often, decision-makers go with plastic patio furniture and add their own cushions that coordinate with the decor in the patio area. This is a great idea and it keeps the prices in the mid-range.

Adding to the comfort could include emotional comfort with the designs and colors you’ve chosen. If the furniture plus decor you’ve chosen satisfies your taste, you have comfort at all levels.

With comfort in mind, you just lay back, sunglasses on, and sip a mint julep, (I don’t have a clue what that is but I thought it sounded good!) Go ahead, enjoy that garden patio furniture.

Get A Few ZZZzzz.

When it all gets down to it, the many seasons ahead can be enjoyed in lots of ways. Garden patio furniture is one sure-fire way to accomplish this. Build a log fire if it’s nighttime. What the heck, daytime is good too, for that matter.

Get out the grill, enjoy family and friends, while you toss on some burgers and hot dogs. Then relax in your patio furniture. Have yourselves some great conversations. Let the good times roll!

outdoor patio furniture

You’ve done your part to prepare for this wonderful get-together. When you reflect back, as you probably will, the choice you made will bring you added happiness for years to come.

Special evenings with your loved ones, enjoying time together. Sharing in the day’s events. During the day, when home alone, a day in the sun, reading or chatting on the phone with someone special.

As the day passes, your eyes may just get a little heavy, the warmth of the sun enveloping you. Not too hot. No. Extremely comfortable. A couple of yawns here, and eyes working hard to stay open. To no avail. The comfort of your cushioned garden patio furniture has you gently going to sleep. Nite.

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane