Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets For Your Children

wooden bedframeSolid wood bedroom furniture sets for your children are a great decision by you when choosing quality that lasts for many years to come. It’s that “right at home feel” children enjoy. A wonderful, comfy room, with a bed, nightstand, chest of drawers, dresser and desk with the chair too.

Let’s agree that children spend a great deal of time in their bedrooms playing, sleeping, and even working on one project or another. Many children love to read, and it’s terrific to have a bookshelf with some of their favorite books.

The truth is, as parents, we are very careful when we think about wood bedroom furniture for our children. I’m going to help guide you, with some really worthwhile tips to think about.

What To Look For When Choosing Solid Wood For Your Children

Let’s look at the practical side of choosing bedroom furniture for your children. Obviously, there are numerous details to think about. This should get the creative ideas spinning.

What a great decision it is, when you strongly consider solid wood bedroom furniture sets for preteens and teens. Some oak woodparents and singles think the best solid wood is oak. Undoubtedly that’s a great choice.

However, other solids include hickory, beautiful maple, and the everlasting, real cherry wood. These are indeed solid, and wood desksturdier than most products out there like particleboard and pressed wood, etc. There’s just no comparison. Many folks like the best and this is an excellent furniture choice.

Solid wood is superior, by far, to cheap particle board which often breaks very easily. Plywood is just, well, plywood. Not the top choice. You may want something that’s substantial that will last for a long time. When you invest a tad more now for top-notch furniture, it saves you hard-earned money in the long run.

Some Basics To Consider

Is there versatility in your children’s furniture? It’s great to consider the growth of your children. Do their needs change? I’m sure you’d say yes, of course. Can’t disagree there. Solid wood furniture is very practical and is easily adapted to future needs as your children grow up.

The solid wood furniture choices you make in their earlier years can follow them into their teens. This eliminates getting rid of the old and paying again for something new, which costs you more money in the long term.

You may have heard of dovetailed construction on drawers. This is the best construction and the go-to brands usually incorporate it. That, coupled with easy glide drawers that slide on wooden supports down the middle of the drawer, makes some of the sturdiest and most well-made available.
chest of drawers

An added bonus is having the bottom of each drawer made of wood at least one-eighth inch thick. Over time, this keeps the drawers from sagging because of too many clothes in a stuffed drawer.

Solid wood takes on wear and tear for years. It’s nearly impossible to break or fall apart. This is a major plus for children and parent(s).

Be Sure Of Safety For Your Children

It goes without saying that children’s furniture should be safe. The type of wood, (solid preferred) the way it’s designed and constructed, plays the biggest part in safety.

Exposure to harmful compounds (Volatile Organic Compounds) may cause side effects such as irritation of the throat, eyes, and nose. There have even been cases of getting nausea, perhaps headaches, and yes, bouts with dizziness.

To eliminate these compounds that cause side effects, don’t choose any products made with formaldehyde. Be sure your furniture choice is organic and 100% free from VOC. Basically, this translates to no off-gassing in the air of harmful compounds.


You Want To Choose Low-Maintenance

Years of experience in the furniture industry have taught me this very simple fact:  care for what you’ve invested in. As an aside, my home is filled with wood furniture. It needs to be taken care of, like anything else.

furniture polish2

Wood requires some occasional dusting and polishing from time to time. This is easily accomplished with a cleaner that is safe for wood. There are many brands out there that will fit your need.

Additional care would be putting attractive runners of fabric on your chest of drawers, dresser, and student desk. Extra care is always proactive.

It doesn’t matter if it’s wood, plastic, or metal, the better care you take, the longer it lasts.

It’s Your Opportunity For Solid Wood Furniture Sets For Children

Solid wood is quality to the max. You can choose cherry, oak, maple, hickory, and more. This furniture has well-made features designed to last for years. No need to worry about it falling to pieces or breaking, with proper care.

It’s flat-out sturdy! Ready for years of wear and simple to take care of. As your child grows, solid furniture goes with them or is handed down to the next in line. Fantastic savings over time!

Welcoming your children to the warm feeling of a beautiful wooden bedroom set gives you peace of mind that they are safe in a one hundred percent VOC-free product. There is no need for bad side effects.


As something to strongly consider, solid wood is timeless furniture. The quality lasts for years and remains stylish. It blends well with a plethora of home decor selections. We know about durability, sturdiness, dovetailed drawers, and low maintenance.

When you wrap all of these qualities up into a great package, this is furniture for children (who are moving into adulthood). They can even take the furniture with them when they head out to college or move away for a new career.

Yes, empty nest time comes. What a great way to help support them. They load up this incredible furniture and off they go.

Solid wood is a great choice for children who move to their teen years and then into the wonderful world of adulthood. They, too, may have a family someday. Who knows, they just might hand these beautiful solid wood bedroom furniture sets down to their own children.

Seriously, they can last that long, and if you enjoy antiques, you know what I mean. Quality does last for a very, very long time.

Consider solid wood bedroom furniture sets for your children. You’ll be so happy and so will they!

Carson Dane, Founder

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