Child Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have always been an excellent solution to problems of space management, along with ensuring safety and economic value.

Bunk beds are available in various sizes ranging from the standard twin and the twin extra long to the royal king and queen sizes.

Child bunk beds usually come in a range of two heights; standard (66″) and tall (72″). These sizes are designed to allow an additional 6″ of headroom on the lower bunk making it more appropriate for use by adults if required.

Bunk Bed Safety

While choosing a bunk bed for your children there are a few details one should take into account. Bunk bed safety is a main concern.

There are a number of incidents relating to entrapment and strangulation, caused by the beds’ lack of sufficient guard rails, headboards or foot boards. In order to ensure you are making the right choice, always look for an attached safety sticker and a bunk bed’s instruction manual outlining safe usage.

The material used in building the body should consist of solid wood or any other strong durable source. Particle wood does not guarantee toughness and long term usage.

Guardrails should be attached to the entire length on one side, and no less than 17″ on the opposite side. Make sure the ladders are secured properly and are not removable by a child.

Look for a bed which provides ample space at the bottom for your kids to sit or play. This may reduce chances of children wanting to play on the upper bunk, therefore keeping them safe.

What About Availability?

All bunk beds whether custom-made or ready-made, are easily available around the world. There are a number of companies providing delivery service, along with many others who accept online orders.

However, purchasing a bunk bed and other furniture has become very popular when done online. Affiliates ensure that the companies they work with are authorized sellers and a well-established business.

The Changing Needs That Are Catered To

Catering to the changing needs, bunk beds have evolved to become something more than just a simple space-saving sleeping arrangement. They are much more than that.

They are now stylish and elegant. Choices come in a variety of options such as those that come with a petite wardrobe, a study cabinet and sometimes even a dresser.

With the newer attachments and a creative décor, bunk beds are nowadays not restricted only to child use. If your children’s room has space constraints and you cannot really have different beds then pick up some classy bunk beds.

This adds personality to your kids’ room. You can even have them customized to suit your kids’ preferences, the design and size of their room and your budget of course.

What About Loft Beds?

The concept of loft beds have evolved from space constraints that modern homes have. As real estate prices go up, smaller rooms and homes become the norm.

Loft beds definitely fill the need for more efficient utilization of space. One of the most enduring things about them is that they are loved by children of all ages. Children seem fascinated with the idea of having to actually climb into bed.

A loft bed allows a lot of flexibility in planning the space under the bed. This can be used as a work area or storage area with so many drawers and storage combinations possible.

Quite often designing a loft bed becomes a major project in any household. This is especially true if the child is old enough to have his or her own say, and likes things in a certain way.

When the child is younger this space below the loft bed is ideal to store toys and clothes. As the child grows up his requirements change and you may have to make provision for desks.

Perhaps you’ll decide on a lounging area with bean bags which is still incredibly popular and preferred by today’s youngsters. In the long run you can even plan for another bed below the loft bed to serve as a sleeping place for siblings or sleep overs with friends.

Loft beds nowadays are available in all sorts of materials from wood to steel and aluminum. Making that first buy in eco-friendly wood may not be a bad idea.

What About The Size Of The Room?

Ensure that the size of the loft bed that you do go in for will fit into your child’s room comfortably. You need adequate space y when the child has to climb in or out.

Some children’s rooms are in the upper floors and you may have roofs of varying heights. This may make it a constraint for a loft bed. Obviously, a simple measurement will take care of that situation. This is important and makes it easy to order on the internet.

Children’s bunk beds with storage can be true saviors especially with more than one child in the house. They serve the dual-purpose of providing a place for your little one to slumber peacefully and at the same time stock up all the toys in its storage compartments.

These beds are easy to assemble from scratch. A smooth finish ensures safety of the kids and the ease with which they can be assembled and dismantled makes shifting and transport easy if required. Storage beds are of various types and can be chosen, according to the requirement and ease with which they can be used.

A type of storage bed is one where the drawers can be pulled out from underneath the bunk bed. These are generally preferred when the child is growing and is in the process of learning to walk. This type requires adequate space around to enable the drawers to be pulled out.

They cannot be used in places where space is a constraint. The number of drawers and the structure of the internal compartment can vary and could be in the form of a single drawer spanning the entire area of the bed to 3 or 4 drawers dividing the space in an optimum manner.

The next kind of storage bunk bed is the door type where a sliding door is used to access the lower part of the bed and its storage area. This can be used in rooms of smaller sizes and where the space is restricted.

Other types of child bunk beds that have storage, involve drawers arranged on the sides of the bed for storing smaller articles. The purpose remains the same in all the types of storage beds and that is to enable additional storage while maintaining its primary purpose of providing a place for sleeping.

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