Choosing a Leather Reclining Sofa Set

A new leather reclining sofa set could be just what you want for your home! There are many factors that affect the comfort and elegance leather brings to your living areas. Leather color, grades, mechanisms and more bring you physical as well as personal comfort.

leather reclining sofa set

Your styles range from casual to contemporary. The more modern reclining sofa sets are very luxurious. Many of them are covered in high quality leather. Take time to view a beautiful leather reclining sofa set online. It will be a wonderful experience for you! It’s fast and easy to order.

Let’s look at each of these factors in more detail.

What Style Should I Pick?

So you’re ready to buy a new leather reclining sofa set? There are a number of styles to choose from.

Traditional: This style’s feature is simplicity and elegance. Deep colors of wood finishes such as brown, black, cherry can be mixed with upholstery done in rich colors and materials like leather and velvet. This style may also include decorative moldings or carvings.

Casual: Characterized by laid-back styling, features include simple lines, plush cushioning, and generous seating. This style creates an inviting feel and has neutral tones with a pop of color in soft fabrics or leather. It’s all about comfort.

Modern: This style is characterized by simple design and clean, crisp lines. Neutral colors and glossy finishes are also used. You’ll find leather, microfiber, metal and glass used in this style, to name a few.

Contemporary: This style is described as one that’s based on the “here and now”, very similar to Modern. This furniture may have smooth shapes and simple silhouettes in neutral colors and feature leather, microfiber, suede as well as glass, metal and wood.

Transitional: This style is popular in current home designs. It features the balance of classic elegance and modern materials with upholstery such as velvet, leather, and linen in various colors.

Mid-century Modern: This style features minimalist outlines in natural wood finishes such as walnut, pine, and oak with upholstery in solid colors. Upholstery is frequently done in chenille, linen and cotton materials. This style has few ornamental design details.

These are many of the different styles that you can check out.

Leather Color Choices

Color choices are numerous. Various color decisions give different, exciting opportunities for your creativity. Let’s say you choose dark brown leather. This is a very popular choice. Typically, this brings a traditional look.

Because fall colors have browns, and golds outside, this color choice (dark brown) gives off warm, natural beauty.dark brown leather set

On the other hand, lighter colors give a contemporary or modern touch. White, red, yellow, light beige, just about any choice is available for you. Color choices provide various character and appeal.

orange leathertan leather swatch

dark brown leather

Leather Grades

The production of leather is broken down into different grades.

1. Bonded leather uses left-over pieces which then are shredded. Polyurethane, and sometimes latex, is used to bond these shredded pieces together onto a mesh-like fiber.

2. Top Grain is the hide, which is actually the outer layer. It is much thicker, which gives it longer-wearing capabilities.

Top grain leathers are categorized into:

        • Full Grain: This includes the entire top surface of the leather. Nothing is taken from the hide. Undoubtedly, it is the best leather.
        • Corrected Grain: This is when the initial leather may have slight flaws, so they are corrected. The top of the leather is often sanded to hide any imperfections of the grain. Once that is accomplished, the leather is dyed and finally embossed. This gives the leather an overall grain similarity.
        • Nubuck: The grain side of the leather is sanded to give it a soft-to- the-touch feel like moccasins or chukka boots.

Mechanisms for Reclining Sofa Sets

There are two types of recliner mechanisms.

Power Reclining Systems

This option is becoming extremely popular. Here’s an example. We recently purchased a reclining sofa which is electrically-powered. Push one control button and you recline to any position. Another button adjusts the headrest. Yet another tap of a button actually adjusts back support. And finally, the Home Button brings you back to a sitting position when you need to get up.

Manual Reclining Systems

The second option that is also hugely popular is the non-electric, regular mechanically-operated mechanism. The non-electric mechanisms were  the first way we reclined, going back hundreds of years.

The manual mechanism can be operated with a handle, a recessed lever, or push back method.

The Push Back system is exactly as it sounds. You put your hands on the arms of the recliner and simply push backwards. There is no handle to pull up. There’s no lever on the side to pull out and, obviously, no electrical controls to work with. I would recommend buying arm covers to protect against wear and tear on the push back style.

In addition, there is an option known as a Wall Hugger sofa that sits close to the wall. It saves space. There’s also the Rocker Recliner sofa which is very versatile and provides wonderful comfort!

All of these types are available when choosing a leather reclining sofa set.

Check out online, easy-to-order possibilities that will bring you years of great comfort and personal satisfaction.

So what are the basic comparisons between Electric and Manual mechanisms? Let’s examine the pros and cons of each type.

Pros and Cons of Manual


1. Easy push back, lever or handle controls.

2. The costs of producing manual reclining mechanisms is far less than electrical. Therefore, your investment is not nearly as much. In addition, repair costs are significantly less if repair is ever needed.

3. Believing you want to move your furniture around at some time, you don’t have nearly the weight involved. It’s easier on you physically.

4. Fabric quality and cost flexibility is a great advantage.


1. They do get a considerable amount of use. Wear and tear on the mechanism may be slightly more than power choices.

2. Power reclining has more comfort settings. Manual has less choices and therefore you may not get exactly the comfort level you are looking for.

3. Some manual reclining sofa sets with separate recliners have a two-way position which is less comfortable and more for looks and less about comfort.

Pros and Cons of Power 


1. I am partially disabled, therefore I went with a power reclining system. It requires no effort on my part except pushing a button. This is a fantastic way to enjoy reclining when people are physically challenged.

2. Power is a great choice for anyone. The ease with which you can achieve comfort is wonderful. There are numerous comfort levels that far exceed manual choices.

3. If medically necessary, you may very well have a power system covered by insurance.

4. They may have longer wear time due to ease of movement.


1. Power mechanism costs more than manual. If your budget doesn’t allow this choice, then other great options are available.

2. They are heavy and more difficult to move.

3. You will need a power source which could lead to placement choice in your room. This may require the use of power extension cords. And, of course, when electricity goes out, your reclining mechanism won’t work.

4. The average warranty is around three years unless you pay for an extended warranty.

5. At the time of this writing, the motor replacement cost is around three hundred dollars.

Remember This When Looking For A Leather Reclining Sofa Set

Always begin with your choice of style to fit the interior design of your room.

Color choices make a huge difference in the design you are trying to achieve. Light colors such as yellow, light blue, or tan give a modern to contemporary look. Darker colors lend themselves to a more traditional style.

There are various leather qualities with Top Grain being the best. Top Grain includes Full Grain, Corrected Grain and Nubuck. There is also Bonded leather which is scraps of leather that are bonded together.

There are pros and cons of Manual versus Power reclining systems which should be considered.

These tips will provide you with insight on how to choose a leather reclining sofa set. I hope they will be useful when making your decision on the perfect fit for your home.

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane



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