All About Baby Highchairs

Baby highchairs are not necessary for children if they are under six months of age. Although some companies make them for that age so they can recline for infants, they are not necessary until your child is able to sit up. The choice is up to you as far as when you believe you and your child are ready for a highchair.

Features of Baby Highchairs

Baby highchairs currently come with all kinds of features that are really more for the parent or caregiver than the child. Although the nicely padded seat covers do make the seats comfortable for your child!

Some highchairs have wheels to make them easier to move, however, this is not necessary. Some also feature height-adjustable mechanisms to accommodate your child’s growth and to be able to bring the baby closer to the table.

There are footrests that are adjustable to accommodate your child’s growth as well. Most baby highchairs now fold for easier storage.

Additional Features

There are now baby highchairs that can be converted into play tables. Some of them have an insert that fits over the tray to give your baby a place to play.
baby in highchair

On many models, the feeding tray comes with an inset cup/bottle holder, and some models have extra-large feeding trays.

The base of the highchair should be broad and stable to help prevent the highchair from tipping if your child leans over the side, thus avoiding injury to your child.

It is best to take those momentary looks at your child to see that they are sitting in a safe manner. That sounds simple, but parents often have many distractions while preparing for, or having their meal. Just a word of extra precaution can go a long way.

As mentioned, many baby highchairs are now foldable for easy storage, which makes things easier if space is an issue. This is a good option to make things a little more comfortable for the whole family.

How Are They Made?

When looking at baby highchairs, people express opinions about what the chair is made of. Some are all wood chairs that tend to not be adjustable.

There are metal-framed highchairs with plastic trays and there are baby highchairs that are all plastic. I would stray away from plastic, whenever possible.

Making Baby Highchairs Safe

There are things you can do to make the highchair a place as safe as possible for your baby. This is going to sound simplistic, however, I’m going to mention some thoughts, strictly for safety reasons.

1. Never leave your child unattended so you can go grab a bib or food, or even to answer the phone. It only takes a second for your baby to have an accident.

2. You should have everything ready before putting your child in the chair.
Simple idea, but it makes sense. Mom and Dad are often busy, and can easily get distracted after settling their baby in the highchair.
mother feeding baby
3. Your child should always be strapped into the highchair, without exception. The feeding tray will not prevent your baby from slipping down in the chair under the tray, falling to the floor, and possibly getting injured.

4. If your baby highchair folds, be sure that when you open it, you check to be certain that it is locked in the open position. If the chair collapses, your baby could be hurt. This can be prevented with periodic checks of all parts of the chair.

5. Do not place the highchair near any object that the baby could push off from, and possibly have an accident. Also, do not place your baby’s chair near any electrical or window blind cords that can be pulled on. All cords should be out of reach.

6. When putting the feeding tray in place, be sure to watch your child’s fingers. They could be pinched or severely cut. Be sure the lock catches by tugging on the tray gently. The feeding tray will not hold your child in place, but if it is loose or doesn’t catch, your child, if not strapped in, could fall and get hurt.
boy in highchair
7. Wearing out of baby highchairs can be hazardous. If there is any vinyl covering over foam, and it is torn, the baby could ingest small pieces of foam. Be sure to check the highchair often for signs of wear and tear.

8. Worn locking mechanisms could prevent the feeding tray from staying in place. This is another thing you’ll want to check often to maintain safety.

9. All belts and clasps on baby highchairs should be checked for fraying or tears. If there are clasps, check for missing pieces or cracks. Cracked or chipped feeding trays could cause injury or harbor germs.

10. If considering the possible purchase of second-hand baby highchairs, please be sure to keep all these safety points in mind and check all aspects of the highchair thoroughly before making your purchase.

All Goes Well

The ideas presented here should definitely be helpful to you when choosing quality baby highchairs, and making sure your baby is safe at all times. It is certain that over time, your baby will grow out of the highchair, but while they have a need for the chair, you’ll want to take all the precautions necessary to be sure your baby is safe while in it.

The daily blessings of your baby’s growth are wonderful moments in all parents’ lives. They go from nursing to feeding themselves (sorta), in a very short period of time. They grow fast, as I’m sure you are aware.

Different needs of your child come with their growth, and one, for sure, is the highchair. I strongly recommend looking at some baby highchairs that I’ve reviewed and have made note of. There are many features and choices that will give you everything you might be looking for in picking something that is perfect for your child. Baby highchairs of quality are what I suggest and am happy to guide you toward.

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