Storage In A Nursery

Other than money, the only thing that is never sufficient, and makes you want for more, is ‘space’. This is extremely true in cases where you have a baby or children of younger ages.

Do you always feel that the nursery is overcrowded and cramped, even though it may not actually be? Using the room or the living space in an organized manner will work wonders in enhancing the existing space and satisfying your requirements.

Storage in a nursery is an area I’d like to give you a few tips on. There are many possibilities. Let’s take a look.

Storage Tips

The first thing to do would be planning. What will be the space requirements in the nursery for the various basic functions like storage, movement space, play area, etc?

Once this is decided and the available space is analyzed, the next best thing to do would be to allocate optimum space for all these major purposes.

Using some storage ideas for the nursery, you can actually find solutions to all these problems and save space for future expansion as the child grows.

What About Basic Considerations?

One of the basic things that you can do is to fix a wooden plank running through the circumference of the room. Using L joints at the corners, the ‘shelf’ can be used to place toys like stuffed animals and smaller toys.

This serves the dual purpose of improving the aesthetics as well as providing extra space for storage. Painting the shelf with the same color as that of the room makes it blend into the décor of the room. Or, step out of the box and get creative with other paint colors.

How About Plastic Containers?

The next best thing to do is using plastic containers that can store extra clothing, and diapers that are not yet used.

This is especially true if you have no space for a chest of drawers or a larger dresser.

These containers can then be put under the beds where they can’t be seen. This makes it easy to get to when the time comes.

Other measures include using diaper bags to be hung next to the cradle. That is a special place to store the diapers exclusively for future use.

What About Toy Boxes And Storage Beds?

Toy boxes also help in storing the toys when not in use. These toy boxes can then be placed or arranged accordingly so that they occupy less space.

Usage of storage beds also helps to an extent.

When the baby/child has finished playing, the toys and other goods related to the baby, can be stored in the drawers underneath the beds.

I’ve personally suggested this to many parents that have minimal space to deal with. They have been thrilled with this idea to save space.

What About Baby Clothes?

Baby clothes don’t occupy much space, therefore the closet space can be used in a simple way. Many parents put a smaller chest of drawers in the closet, and they are still able to hang babies’ clothes.

Future expansion should also be considered while allocating space. The babies are sure to grow.

Utilizing the space properly is, as previously mentioned, very important. The various ideas mentioned here can reduce the clutter and congestion, providing a healthy space for the baby to grow in.

Toy Storage Ideas for A Neater Home

It isn’t tough to notice the presence of a baby in the house. However, it’s possible you might miss their little chatter. If you do miss their chatter, it’s impossible to miss the clutter of toys spread everywhere around the house.

Try as we might to keep up after them, they have great ways of making a mess. Well, let’s face it, it is a normal behavior practiced by babies around the world… to leave their toys around wherever they play.

In order to reduce your workload and to develop good habits in your babies and children right from their tender childhood, you can show them some fun ways to organize their toys and store them at a specific place. You might make a game of it. “Make it neat, get a treat”, and it doesn’t have to be something to eat.

Here Are Some Different Toy Storage Ideas

They can be used by you to limit the cluttering of toys to a specific place.
A traditional toy box is normally made of wood with a door on the top. The box can be placed against the wall and since these kinds of toy boxes are rigid and strong, normally they can be used as seating as well if required.

The boxes usually have separate compartments in them to store different kinds of toys. These storage chests can last for generations. They can be made more interesting by adding attractive stickers. A wooden box with rollers at the bottom will make it easy for moving around for the kids.

Apart from the wooden chests, there is a wide range of “fashionable” plastic chests. Plastic chests come in multiple colors. Some of them have various compartments to make it easy for the toys to be organized.

To make it more interesting, there are storage chests available in transparent materials. This would be easier to use as the child can locate the toys quickly even without messing up the other toys.

There are various other storage units available, like chests in the shape of balls or cars or even in animal shapes. Kids would definitely enjoy having these boxes and maybe even look forward to the task of putting away their toys once playtime is over.

Simple storage ideas would include wooden or plastic boxes or trays with labels on them like cars, soft toys, balls, and so on. Storage boxes can help save space if they can be pushed under the bed. There are certain storage chests which have a play study table on top of it to color or draw and even paint. They serve a dual purpose.

What if there is no space for a box? Think out of the box again! Even a hammock can be hung along the wall so that the kids can dump toys like dolls, soft toys, or balls in them.
This requires some creative thought and space.

Parents should ensure that the child knows how to use the toy storage boxes safely. A little bit of discipline, some effort, and a good toy storage box will help in making your child responsible, especially if you make it a fun occasion. Your life will get a lot easier and their room will become a lot cleaner.

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