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Growing up is an essential phase of every child’s life. Along with the physical changes, it also brings about a change in choices, likes and dislikes.

With the onset of adolescence, every child has the urge to feel grown up, even if they are ten or twelve years old. They like to be independent and to experience life to the fullest. I know…scary, huh?

It is at this point that you also need to consider changing the room decoration for children. It’s time. The decor in their rooms go with the transitions to adolescence.

This may take a lot of patience and time to decide what is best, and by all means, keep your children’s thoughts in mind. They love participating in the choices of things that will be theirs.

It’s Time For Change

No adolescent would ever want to sleep on that same old cuddly baby bear bed. Things like playhouses, playpens, dollhouses and building blocks will no longer cast a magical spell on them.

Perhaps the bedding with dinosaurs in primary colors will have to go to the recycle bin. Snow White’s mirror on the wall may never be able to show them what they are looking for, and this may just be the right time to be done with all the pink and blue.

Choosing furniture to go with the updated decor would depend on whether the child is a boy or a girl. When it comes to bedding, a girl might prefer a colorful canopy and bed skirts to go with her new choice of bedding.

However, a boy at this stage might be interested in a comforter featuring their favorite baseball or football team’s colors and emblems. Does he like fishing or hunting? Perhaps you might consider a camouflage theme with your bedding choice.

Whatever room decoration for children appeals to your adolescents, keep in mind that this decor will probably carry them into their teen years. Be sure to include your children in the decision-making while guiding them to make appropriate choices for the long-term.

What About Choosing A Rug For Children?

While selecting rugs for the room, make sure you purchase something that coordinates with and enhances the children’s other decorating ideas. Designs a girl might consider could consist of a range of floral design, polka dots, hearts or curves.

A boy would definitely want a burst of energy under his feet. With the rough and tumble enthusiasm that boys often exhibit, be sure to consider the material of the rug – you want to choose something that is durable and easy to clean.

Whatever color choices are made in choosing a rug, remember that the overall room decor, whether for girls or boys, needs to coordinate so that all the colors in the room will be cohesive.

Should You Consider Window Treatments For Children?

The next most important thing on the list would be choosing window treatments for your child’s room. A girl’s bedroom could be draped with soft feminine colors. A creative idea would be to use a silk panel, a ribbon scallop, or even something like a lace curtain.

A guy’s room might use something like curtains with stripes or a geometric pattern or even accordion shades in a darker or lighter tone to coordinate with the colors in the bedding.

What Can You Do With Your Children’s Study Area?

Every child is a ‘genius in the making’ and this makes their study
area very important. They should be comfortable with the study area and
if they are, they won’t leave their desk nearly so often.

There are many study desk and chair sets readily available in the
market, especially online.

They are available in numerous colors and
options with various accessories.

You will need to select
the option which suits the needs of your child and fits the space available in your home for this purpose.

You will also need to consider lighting. When making your selections, you can choose from a variety of lighting ranging from table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights, to bedside lamps or chandeliers. Whatever you choose, always remember to keep the study area well lit. An overhead light with widespread coverage is always preferred and so a special desk
light may not be necessary.

If specifically required, the study lamp should be well focused on the desk and care should be taken that the light does not fall on the child’s face. The light may be fixed on the wall or be set on the desk.

If the room gets a generous share of natural light, then positioning the desk to make the most of that light will be of great benefit and result in less additional lighting needs.

What Should I Consider When Planning?

Space – It is always important that the children get sufficient space and it should neither be cramped nor too big. Your decorating ideas have a lot to do with your available space.

A cramped space makes the child feel uneasy very early on, so you can definitely go with lighter decor and paint to make the space look open. A spacious set up, whenever possible, will help them to relax.

– The study area should have a desk and a comfortable chair that coordinate with the choice of bed. Desks and chairs are available in an array of decorating styles and numerous color choices. The size of the desk should relate to the age and build of the child and should have space for their computer, books, notes and other supplies.

Choosing a complete bedroom set is one way to simplify your choices in decorating since everything included in the set will already be coordinated. This will provide you with a great head start on your room decoration for children.

Choosing additional decor and accessories that will provide a light and airy feel add to the overall room design.

Providing organization
– A really cool bulletin board is a great decorating idea. Mount it on the wall and surround it with favorite photos or other art work or hang it directly above the study desk. What about the closet door? You could use it for a colorful decor input, such as hanging a mirror on the outside of the door and painting a bright color on the door surrounding the mirror like a frame.

The closet door can also be a great space to keep track of the children’s schedules, homework, extracurricular activities etc. by using chalkboard paint on the door.

Once you master these tips about choosing new decor and a rug, deciding on window treatments, and planning a study area with great lighting and organization, you are sure to design a perfect room your child will love and enjoy for years to come.

Room decoration for children can be a lot of fun. Go ahead. Have some good times and include your children. They’ll love it.

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