Furniture Plus Decor For Your Baby

Alright. Here you are with your newborn. Girl(s)? Boy(s)? One, twins, triplets, sextuplets? E-gads! Grandma, lend me a hand, a clothes washer, anything! Whatever your preferences, you’re sure to grab hold of some special choices of furniture plus decor for your baby that fit your needs.

triplet dollsGender determines the bedroom choices for your children. I’d like to help you with some ideas you might take a fancy to. We’ll look at choices that fit both genders and think about what they need and can get along without.

Let’s take a look-see. The possibilities are literally endless. We’ll narrow them down to the basics. Furnishing your baby’s room with what they require is an exciting time for the parent(s). Let’s move on and have some fun!

Furniture Plus Decor For Your Baby

Well, let’s see. First, comes into your world a sweet, beautiful, little baby(s). If you were already aware of the gender, you may have started with furniture choices. If not, your next step is usually buying furniture for him or her. Let’s take a look at where to start.

There are a lot of items for a baby’s bedroom to consider. You can’t get them all, so you look for what you really “need”. Obviously, you have to choose the necessary items that will at least cover the basic functions.

Furniture Needs For Baby Girls And Boys

We all have our own personalities that influence the furniture and decor choices we make for our babies. There’s no doubt you are going to pick some basic items, and that’s what we’ll take a look at here.

You can then expand on these ideas which will bring into account your own creativity. This will be a fun experience for you.
rocking chairf

The first item that comes to my mind is a ROCKING CHAIR that is for the comfort of Mom when rocking her little one to sleep or feeding. Using a rocking chair is undoubtedly a great motion addition that soothes and brings comfort to both baby and mother.

An alternative could be the use of a GLIDER. Both come with leather or fabric upholstery, and faux leathecrib & gliderr which is a lot easier to keep clean when accidents happen. Yes, have no doubts, accidents will occur.

So where does the baby sleep?

Naturally, in a bassinetBASSINET or a CRIB that meets safety standards. It could be fancy or very simple, whatever suits your taste.

chest of drawersWhat about a Chest of Drawers or Dresser or perhaps both? It’s a great idea to have at least three-to-four drawers in each and maybe even five. The little ones require a change of clothes quite frequently during a twelve-hour period or more. Keeping everything contained in one room and at hand makes those changes easy.

You’re all aware of Changing Tables and they are great to have if room permits. There are many designs available that can fit a budget and your particular preferences.

More Thoughts About Baby Furniture

When choosing a rocking chair or glider, you need to be able to sit down with your baby and have as much comfort as possible. This is very important during feeding time. Whenever possible, you may want to choose one that rocks and swivels as well. Look closely at the arms on the item you choose – they will get a lot of use as you hold the baby so they need to be at a comfortable height (some padding never hurts either)!

What other thoughts for your bassinet or crib should be considered? They must be safe! Moms and dads soon realize that government-recognized safety rules are there to protect their little ones. Be careful about blankets and crib liners as these can cause suffocation of infants.

Considering babies (newborns) can sleep up to 13-15 hours a day, the crib or bassinet must be comfortable and meet safety guidelines. Be sure the baby can be seen from all sides of the crib, especially if you are monitoring them by video.

baby changing pad

To reiterate, it’s no surprise that the little squirts go through diapers and clothes numerous times a day. Easily four to five times a day and into early evening. Do you have room for a changing table? If not, you can purchase a changing pad and use it on top of the dresser or chest.

Decor And Other Goodies For Your Babies

A firm mattress is what I recommend, simply because they provide great support. Foam may be OK for adults, however, I strongly suggest you stay away from them for the safety of the baby. Obviously, hypoallergenic is a strong suit when making your choice.

Yes, it’s true. Babies wet the bed! I know, hard to believe, isn’t it? Joking aside, be sure to purchase a waterproof cover for the mattress and if your little one sleeps with you, it’s important to protect your own mattress as well. Quality sheets are a given, preferably tight-weave cotton. Have back-up sheet supplies because you’re going to be washing and washing and…well, you get the idea.

A pillow for Mom is a great relief when rocking the little one. If Mom’s comfortable, there’s a good chance the baby will be as well.

Don’t forget the obvious: have plenty of extras when it comes to cleaning supplies, clothes, and a personal manufacturing plant to roll out diaper after diaper! Seriously speaking, consider quality diapers in addition to a good stack of wipes.

Other Items to Consider

As I suggested earlier, a changing table is wonderful to have but if not possible then a changing pad as mentioned above.

Have you considered toys? It’s a good idea to a point. Don’t go overboard as you can introduce your baby to different ones over time. They do grow, and with their growth comes different interests.

crib mobile
Our little ones loved their mobiles.

They were entertaining and made them smile a lot, kick their legs and coo a bunch. In other words, they enjoyed them. Give them a twirl!

diaper stack

Where have you planned to throw those wet, soiled diapers your baby uses quite frequently? A diaper pail? Yes! Let’s face it, they smell and something with a lid can curb that. Use a kitchen trash bag inside the pail, deposit those special treats the kids leave in their diapers, and tie the bag before finally putting it all in the regular trash. There are products available that will even vacuum-seal your dirty diapers so that the odor is minimal and the bag is compact for your trash can.

That’s It When Choosing Baby Furniture

As you’ve read through this, I trust this information about baby furniture and decor was insightful and helpful. Perhaps fresh ideas have spurred some wonderful steps you’ll take to make great choices for your baby.

My goal is to help you help yourself. Whatever your needs are, I’ll gladly assist you in your special search, using information and resources to guide you in your decisions.

When it all gets down to it, choices of furniture plus decor for your baby are too numerous to mention. What are the absolute necessities? Would you like to have everything possible? Perhaps, but once the little love gets in your home, ideas can change.

Give yourself a little leeway and leave space for additions.

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