Children’s Bunk Beds. What You’d Like To Know.

How difficult do you think it is to pick out chiIdren’s bunk beds? The first choice is for your children and then there are others who may be using them. If you’re like many families, there’s bound to be others using them.

Over-night stays by friends and family often call for extra sleeping arrangements. Bunk beds can be your perfect answer.

This is especially true if your children have invited a classmate over for one of those “pajama parties”! Late night TV and popcorn, eventually conking out on a super comfortable bed. Children’s bunk beds can come to your rescue!

When you think of a bunk bed, we all know it’s basically one twin bed on top of a second twin bed. At least that’s the way they started out years ago. Now there’s an array of styles, many of which are mentioned below.

These are normally used by children in their bedrooms. If you have a couple of younger kids, children’s bunk beds are a great way to share limited space. Plus, it helps with the budget. Being of the same sex is very important of course, due to privacy. If this is impossible (in the very early years), some parents have been known to put up a privacy curtain for the bunk located at the bottom.

I do not recommend bunk beds for children ages five and under. That’s the age where they tend to fall out and, in some cases, they are hurt.

We will cover in this article: the different types of bunk beds, metal compared to wood, what to think about when buying and Consumer Safety Inspection for children’s bunk beds.

The Different Selections/Types of Bunk Beds

There certainly are a lot of options to think about. You will be considering what they look like. Will they last a long time? How well-made are they?

Styles include Futon, Loft, L-shaped, Novelty, Standard, and Study bunk beds. These are the more popular, but there are certainly many other combinations that are sure to tickle your fancy. They come with ladders to get to the top bed. Most include rails so a child does not fall out.

  • Futon Bunk Bed. This type of bunk bed has two levels, upper and lower. The lower really serves as a sofa or a bed.
  • L-shaped Bunk Bed. If there is plenty of space in your room, you can organize the L-shaped bunk bed so it angles to the right of the bed above.
  • Loft Bunk Bed. Actually there is just one bed on top with space undernloft bedeath. Instead of a bed being on the bottom, you have room for a dresser or chest if you’re short on space, or a simple area where the child can play. For small spaces, this is a great way to go.
  • Novelty Bunk Bed. Just think of these as some kind of exciting “novelty ideas” your kids enjoy. Do they love different cartoon characters? How about silly cars or special baby dolls. Then there are ideas from movies. I think you get the picture. Have fun and be creative!
  • Standard Bunk Bed. Simply stated, it is two beds, one over the other, usually in twin size. The advantage is that two take up the space of one. In addition, the two beds can normally be taken apart to be used as single beds later.
  • Twin Over Full Bunk Bed. As is defined, it is simply a twin bed on top of a full size bed on the bottom. With children of different sizes and growing spurts, this may be a great idea.
  • Study Bunk Bed. Just as it sounds. You have a bunk above and a wonderful study area underneath with a desk (which can be designed to fit into the bed), a chair, files, or even bookcases.

Metal Compared to Wood Bunk Beds

  • Metal Bunk Beds. These are quite sturdy. However, they are not as strong as top quality hardwood. Metal is able to carry weights from one hundred and ninety to two hundred and twenty-five pounds on the top bunk. There is a huge collection available and these are some of the least expensive. As far as the modern look of metal, it has become extremely popular.
  • Wood Bunk Beds. In my thirty-five years of experience, I believe hardwood to be the best choice for durability and long-term use. This would include oak, ash, cherry and poplar as great choices. Try to avoid beds made of particle board and other pressed woods. Of course, there are also soft woods to consider, and example would be pine. They are sturdy but not as strong as hardwood. This is the reason that hardwood investment costs a little more but is well worth it.
  • Plastic Bunk Beds? THEY JUST DON’T WEIGH MUCH! Avoid unless the children are very small. Yes, they are reasonably inexpensive. However, I don’t recommend plastic bunk beds under any circumstances!

What To Think About When Buying

Some thoughts that come to parents’ minds are: What’s the price? Should I measure the room? How much can a child weigh?

1. Many folks are on a budget of some kind. So, manufacturers accommodate varied incomes and needs. There are a wide range of price points.

If you are choosing a new bunk bed, you could be looking at pricing from the low hundreds to eight hundred and fifty or so. Then again, it’s possible to spend into the thousands, depending on quality materials and even custom-made children’s bunk beds.

2. I’m sure you’ve considered measuring the bedroom. What’s the height, width and length of the space where you’re putting the bed? Is it a flat, angled or other unusual shape of a ceiling?

3. Be sure to double check manufacturer’s suggested weight limits for the type of children’s bunk beds you are considering. Weight maximums can vary depending on the quality and materials of the bed.

Standard Consumer Safety Specification For Bunk Beds

CSPS logo
We all love our children and I would be amiss if I didn’t share this with you. This Consumer Product Safety Commission information is required of manufacturers in regard to the potential hazards associated with falls from the top bunk or being trapped.

The structure of the product is a consideration, which includes the support system of the foundation.

There must be a label of warning and identification of the manufacturer. Consumers are to be instructed on how to use the bed.

There are also mandatory rules by the Consumer Product Safety
Commission (CPSC). Among the rules that limit accidents are those that keep children from being trapped between the top bunk and the wall.

For in-depth details check: United States Consumer Product Safety CommissionBunk Beds

To Bunk Or Not?

Well, there you go, parent(s). I hope you’re looking forward to the terrific choices you’re about to make about children’s bunk beds. You have a huge selection available. We raised our children on bunk beds and I grew up on them as well. I think they are a terrific choice. I can recommend them in full confidence.

We’ve honed in on four major areas I consider to be very important. The different types and purposes of children’s bunk beds, metal compared to wood, buying (prices), and safety standards. If you have any constructive feedback or questions, please reply in my comment section below.

Carson Dane, Founder


Baby Crib Furniture: ABC’s of What to Look For

Family with newbornYour baby has been born or is soon due. What a precious moment! With a baby comes what? Love and cuddles from the family, of course. Hugs and kisses. Coos and I love yous.

Eventually, however, comes baby furniture. These choices may have preceded or followed the little one’s birth.

Undoubtedly choosing the crib should come first, followed by other nursery selections.

There’s no need to be overly concerned when it comes to making your
buying decisions. Baby crib furniture allows for terrific choices that
come with strict government guidelines.

These rules (which are under strong regulation) will set your mind
at ease. Your child will get the best, safest sleep possible. This
makes your shopping much more worry-free. Please don’t misunderstand. We love our babies. It is natural for us to worry. I will do my best to make you aware of the points to consider when buying baby crib furniture for your little one.

The Crib Should Be Your First Choice

baby crib with bearWe all have babies’ bedrooms that come in different sizes. When the time is right, your crib choice will probably be decided based on the space you have to work with. When that decision is made, you will then determine where to put the other furniture pieces. This too will be decided by the remainder of space available.

Purchasing online in today’s market is one of the easiest ways to make well-informed decisions when buying baby crib furniture. Receiving merchandise from companies online is quick and easy. Cost-effective solutions are at your fingertips.

Different Baby Cribs At Varied Prices

There are so many choices for baby cribs, from traditional to modern. It’s all here, online, with affordable pricing based on the quality and budget you’re looking for.

Whether it’s economy, mid-priced or high-end, you’ll be pleased with the variety that’s available online. Cribs can range from the low $100 level to the thousands. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Cribs That Are Considered Expensive/High-end

high-end baby cribAlthough a number of expensive/ high-end cribs come from countries outside the United States, some of the finest quality cribs are found in the US. These are crafted and finished by hand.

They can even be manufactured to go along with other furniture in the baby’s room with painted details. You pick a shape or design and it can be done. However, be careful about safety rules.

Cribs That Are Priced In The Mid-range

Parewood baby cribnts love quality cribs which tend to fall in the mid-range pricing options. The products are stronger than economy cribs. They are a little fancier and come in a great selection of wood and painted stains.

The wood itself is heavier, and thicker, which adds to its durability. Because of the overall stronger structure, stability is nothing parents have to worry about. These cribs can often be converted to other sizes as well.

Cribs In The Economy Range

They can be a choice and a must for some budgets, so the quality is still passable. Because these cribs are less expensive, then something has to give. The materials used and how the product is designed create a less-expensive investment for the manufacturers. The product isn’t nearly as heavy. However, if it’s sturdy, which most are, you’ll be fine.

Is Your Baby’s Crib Safe?

We have enjoyed a cradle over many years but it is used now only as a decorative addition. Built by my wife’s brother, it was perfect for the time. That is no longer the case. Times have changed. Thank heaven.

Strict rules on safety make your purchase and use of a crib much improved for your little ones. You can now feel much more comfortable that your baby will have a great sleeping environment.

I would not recommend using any old or even gently-used crib. This includes extremely attractive antique styles that look so cute and inviting to the eye. That’s a no-no, just like old bassinets. All sorts of parts that were meant for stability and safety could have broken or come off. I don’t imagine you want to see your baby falling out and potentially being severely hurt.

As you are aware, there have been many infant deaths due to unsafe cribs. That’s why the stringent safety rules were put in place for manufacturers and why I recommend to only purchase new ones.

Lead paint was used on baby furniture in the past and children chewed on these items causing many physical problems. If you are using an old crib that has been painted, you really need to be sure none of the paint is missing. Actually, just don’t use them is my best advice.

You might get thrilled about getting a great deal, price-wise, at a flea market, for a crib. Trust me, it’s not a great deal for your baby.

Drop-side rails are dangerous. If you have a crib with this type of rails, don’t use it. When possible, buy a new crib without them. Regulations have been put in place in the U.S., but some overseas companies still make them. Statistics show over 30 baby deaths were contributed to drop-side rails. This has happened over approximately the last eight to eleven years.

Baby Crib Furniture Coordinates

First, you’ve measured the baby room. Then you chose the right crib for the available space. Next comes your decision of coordinating furniture. You will need the convenience of a changing table.chest of drawers

A chest of drawers, and even a dresser, are great additions, especially
if you have the room. If you’re limited on space, you can even purchase
cribs with drawers underneath. Make sure the bottoms of the drawers are very sturdy, not cardboard. A one-quarter inch thick fiberboard could be much sturdier.

Obviously, many parents are considering having more than one child. With this in mind, a quality purchase that can be used by more than one baby can save money in the long run.

Also, a crib that can turn into a daybed as the child gets older affords a great opportunity for longer use. This is a great baby crib furniture option.

The Wonders of Babies and Their Baby Furniture

So, happy parent(s). We’ve chalked up some exciting possibilities for baby crib furniture. After measuring your room, you make your choice. New is better because it is covered (in most cases) with strict safety guidelines.

As discussed, the cribs come in varied price ranges. There is High-End or expensive with all the quality features. Another choice is, of course, quality Mid-Range products, followed by Economy choices.

Whatever your decisions with cribs, safety issues, and choosing baby crib coordinating furniture, you and your little one(s) will have many years of quality enjoyment.

As always, if you have questions about the information I’ve shared, or I can help you in making your baby crib furniture choices, please leave me a message below.

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane


Buying Furniture for Kids

Girl's bedroom in pink

I’ve had a career which has spanned over thirty-five years in the furniture industry. In some form or fashion it involved kids furniture. It was always extremely enjoyable working with the entire family when buying kids’ furniture became a reality.

The excitement of seeing the family make choices that were practical, cost-effective, comfortable and in the style they enjoyed, satisfied everyone involved. I look forward to helping you with sound decisions when choosing furniture for kids.

I trust you will enjoy looking at our furniture for kids article and the tips we share with you.

What to consider for the kids

Safety comes first when it comes to kids furniture. It’s important for you to know that the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was established to protect children under 12. There are stiff, stringent production guidelines that manufacturers must follow.

Products that can cause a hazard are a no-no! Durability is important to the Consumer Products Safety Commission and so Consumer Products Safety Commission logoit should be. Without a doubt, it’s just as important for parents. I’m sure you’ve seen many recall notices on kids furniture over the years. The industry truly is sticking closely to the guidelines set up.

Practically speaking, parents place themselves as the number one protectors when it comes to furniture safety for their children. So does our government and manufacturers of their products. This should set the minds of parents at ease.

However, if you have a question about a product before or after buying, don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturer. It’s the best thing you can do. Due diligence goes a long way.

Safety for children is important to us all, isn’t it? Of course!
When they play, safety is at bay, simply meaning, they don’t think about it when jumping up and down on sofas, chairs, beds, etc.
kids jumping on bed

It’s not “If” they will fall, but “When”.

That’s why the extra durability precautions that are taken in the manufacture, construction and production phases of well- made furniture can make the difference in a child getting seriously hurt or not.

Be sure the furniture is well-built, and very strong. If there is any place they can crawl in and out of, they will. When the opportunity comes to jump on something that looks fun, they’re all in for that as well.

You’ve heard of handing out punishment? Kids do this extremely well when it comes to mattresses and furniture.

Kids will be kids, right? Buy kids’ furniture with strength and high quality. Hey. You’ve been down that road before, right?

I trust you agree with what I’ve said, so be sure to trust in your choice of manufacturers as well.

Upgrading furniture for kids

You want something new for your kids? Let me guess. I have no doubt that the bedroom comes to mind first, right? Do they have chairs that are thread bare, beds with three legs, chest of drawers that are hard to open, or worse yet, you have to jam them shut?

Do they have a room that screams, “Don’t go in there!”  You’re ready for a change. Obviously these are major rooms that the kids spend time in. They get lots of use.

Kids, both boys and girls, have different likes in style and color when it comes to furniture. They each have their preferred look. Indulge them with your support and direction when final decisions are made.

My years in the market have shown, not surprisingly, girls like pretty, soft-colored furniture. Classics which include white finishes are very common. Beauty is a mainstay for girls as a whole. Gorgeous designs that make the room pop out, make the girls’ eyes pop out as well! They love nice things. Like Mom, like daughter!

The boys? Well, boys will be boys. The rough and tough bunk beds or single beds with sports memorabilia tattooed around the room is what they like. Or perhaps technical or computer games and other goodies to complement their “guy thing”.

boy in bed with book


Bulkier looks for beds, dressers and chest of drawers is pretty normal for boys but not necessary. Comfort is the key for them; beauty is not their cup of tea. Decor is not on their high priority list.



desk w chair

A work desk for studies is a great addition for both kids. Obviously, a very comfortable chair to go along with the desk is a good choice.


Perhaps a couple of bean bag chairs would be useful when the kids have friends over and they need a place to plop down.

bean bag chairs
Sharing a room can be tough, not so much in the baby and toddler stages, but definitely as they grow. If a single room is necessary, a privacy divider can be a great asset.

Should the room be large enough, your decision on privacy and furniture to suit each child becomes somewhat easier. With a large-enough room, both kids can have a separate space with their own choices.

Your choices of furniture for kids

disappointed kidHave you ever tried to surprise your children with something you knew they would love? You had no doubts. None. Zero. You gave it to them. Not the reaction you were expecting? Oops! You’ve been down that road, yes?

Involve your children when picking out their furniture. They are the ones who live with it. This makes them happy!

It allows them to be in on a good decision-making process. Choosing furniture for their own special space is a very exciting time for kids. Let them have at it with your own special input to help them. Your guidance and practicality will be appreciated.

Ask the children questions in order to help guide them in their thought process.

  • What is their favorite color of furniture? Perhaps it’s a wood finish instead of painted tones.
  • Who is their comic hero? Lots of furniture incorporates movie or character themes.
  • What kind of bed would they like? Something shaped like a vehicle or a more classic choice.
  • What would their “perfect bedroom” look like?

Space for furniture

The size of rooms calls for unique spacing of furniture for kids. If the room is too small for a complete bedroom set, creativity comes to the forefront. Beds with drawers underneath is a great way to go. Bunk beds with built-in storage create wonderful opportunities in small room areas.

There are a multitude of space-saving storage possibilities to help overcome small areas.

Sharing about furniture for kids

Purchasing furniture for kids will be an exciting adventure for the entire family. This will be a great project to enjoy together.

We’ve covered what to consider, upgrading furniture, choices for furniture, and space requirement, all of which are areas of importance when you are choosing furniture for kids.

There are many things to consider before you make final decisions. What warranties does the manufacturer of kids furniture offer? Are extended warranties offered? Yes, there is an investment for this type of warranty. Is the quality of the product substantial?

I trust all goes well in your venture and you are always welcome to ask me questions or make comments.

I’ll be happy to guide you any way I can.

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane

Characteristics of Contemporary Living Room Furniture Sets

contemp living rm furniture set

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of contemporary living room furniture sets. Contemporary design is extremely popular and many buyers seek out this wonderful style to enhance their home. Very often, shoppers feel contemporary might be out of their reach. Not so! Contemporary purchases are easy to achieve and quite affordable.

In its simplest explanation, the design has to do with what is happening now, in the present, and at the moment. Others call contemporary a style that is in existence in the immediate time frame, what is in use now. It continually evolves.

In a nutshell, that’s what defines the style.

It could be contemporary today and out of style tomorrow. This would undoubtedly give a complete change in look and how it attracts individuals over time.

We will be looking today at common features in contemporary furniture, contemporary designs, what makes living room furniture contemporary, and homeowners’ contemporary choices.

Contemporary living room furniture sets have certain recognizable characteristics and features.

Common Features In Contemporary Furniture

1. The silhouettes (outlines) are quite simple with smooth, curvy lines and, of course, shapes that are geometric in nature.

2. There are very few details that are ornamental in the look.

3. Usually they have a shiny finish over what are typically neutral colors. These could include gray and silver tones, light tan, or chrome. White and even black are major color contributors. Then you can include brown, cream, and perhaps taupe.

These neutral colors are often highlighted with bold solids such as red, giving it a tone-on-tone combination. Bold accent colors should be used rather sparingly.

4. Fabrics that are often used include vinyl, wool, linen, cotton, leather, and microfiber.fabric swatches These are generally preferred over material that is heavy. Soft and comfy is often sought after. Print fabric is unlikely to be seen on contemporary furniture. There are times, however, when this can happen. Even then, the patterns tend to be subtle.

5. There are quite a few different modern materials used in the construction of contemporary living room furniture sets.

These use present-day technology and incorporate wood, glass, nickel, steel, plastic, and, of course, metal. These materials are often married together with different textures such as jute or even hemp. The function of the final product is your first priority followed by the visual that’s being considered.

Contemporary living room in leather

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Designs

When considering contemporary living room furniture sets to buy, it’s actually quite simple in so many ways. That’s because it is “simple” in design. There is an understated design in the style, with few, if any, frills. Basic and simple is the key.

It has a high degree of fashion and can be very functional because it is often designed with storage possibilities.

Contemporary living room furniture has evolved throughout history from Contemporary chair in wood many styles. Such examples include Mid-Century Modern, Danish Modern, Minimalism, Art Deco designs, traditional and even futuristic.

Furniture designs from late in the 20th and early 21st centuries may be considered influencers of a contemporary living room furniture set today.
The 1970s began the heyday of contemporary.

Some wood finishes could be cherry, walnut, and oak. Typically, however, the wood is lighter such as birch, maple, or other light-finished wood stock.

contemporary sofa & tables

What Makes A Living Room Contemporary

If you are considering a new look for your living room furniture, contemporary being your choice, there are a few considerations you’ll want to think about.

This may be your first “Look and See” at contemporary styles for your living room. If this is the case, it is not uncommon to find it difficult to distinguish different design styles from one another. You’re not the only person that has experienced this. Undoubtedly, this is a common occurrence because of so many styles that overlap each other.

The shape of contemporary, as touched upon earlier, relies on minimalism (less is better.) In addition, neutral colors and lines that are curved are important. Neutral walls are important, along with the curved lines of the furnishings. This look verges on Art Deco.

Curved furniture is a perfect choice, along with light and decor selections, for your living room area. Furniture which has clean lines, shapes that are simple, and styles that lend themselves to comfort are key components of today’s contemporary living room furniture sets. Chairs, sofas, and love seats often have arms and legs that are usually round or squared and not bulky.

Lighting that is modern, natural, and artificial is always a great opportunity to create something that has your personal signature on it.

Homeowners’ Choices For Contemporary Living Room Sets

Because contemporary choices can come from different eras, this makes for a great opportunity for you to be very creative with your personal likes. Whether it’s furniture or decor, it’s possible to stay in tune with what’s happening in the contemporary scene.

What are your personal likes? What strikes your personal tastes? You have a plethora of possibilities to bring a current contemporary look to your home.

Contemporary living room furniture

What if you love contemporary but over a short time period (3-5 years), contemporary switches gears and changes to the new “Now”? Are you going to choose the new “Now”? With that will come an additional investment. What will you do with your current contemporary living room set that is still in great condition?

Final Thoughts

We are happy to bring this information to you and look forward to helping you achieve that perfect choice of contemporary living room sets. We want you to make quality selections. Quality materials are very important to consider. Brand names are always a vital area to consider.

Today we have provided you with some exciting tips that can make your decision-making easier. First, we shared about the characteristics of contemporary furniture. What’s happening now, in the moment? Neutral colors, simplicity, curvy lines, and light woods are all characteristics of the contemporary style.

Next came commonality, followed by designs. Then, what makes a living room contemporary. Finally, how homeowners make their contemporary choices … be you. Creativity with your choices makes the living room yours. You have placed your personal touch on your future style. What an exciting threshold to cross!

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane







Choosing a Leather Reclining Sofa Set

A new leather reclining sofa set could be just what you want for your home! There are many factors that affect the comfort and elegance leather brings to your living areas. Leather color, grades, mechanisms and more bring you physical as well as personal comfort.

leather reclining sofa set

Your styles range from casual to contemporary. The more modern reclining sofa sets are very luxurious. Many of them are covered in high quality leather. Take time to view a beautiful leather reclining sofa set online. It will be a wonderful experience for you! It’s fast and easy to order.

Let’s look at each of these factors in more detail.

What Style Should I Pick?

So you’re ready to buy a new leather reclining sofa set? There are a number of styles to choose from.

Traditional: This style’s feature is simplicity and elegance. Deep colors of wood finishes such as brown, black, cherry can be mixed with upholstery done in rich colors and materials like leather and velvet. This style may also include decorative moldings or carvings.

Casual: Characterized by laid-back styling, features include simple lines, plush cushioning, and generous seating. This style creates an inviting feel and has neutral tones with a pop of color in soft fabrics or leather. It’s all about comfort.

Modern: This style is characterized by simple design and clean, crisp lines. Neutral colors and glossy finishes are also used. You’ll find leather, microfiber, metal and glass used in this style, to name a few.

Contemporary: This style is described as one that’s based on the “here and now”, very similar to Modern. This furniture may have smooth shapes and simple silhouettes in neutral colors and feature leather, microfiber, suede as well as glass, metal and wood.

Transitional: This style is popular in current home designs. It features the balance of classic elegance and modern materials with upholstery such as velvet, leather, and linen in various colors.

Mid-century Modern: This style features minimalist outlines in natural wood finishes such as walnut, pine, and oak with upholstery in solid colors. Upholstery is frequently done in chenille, linen and cotton materials. This style has few ornamental design details.

These are many of the different styles that you can check out.

Leather Color Choices

Color choices are numerous. Various color decisions give different, exciting opportunities for your creativity. Let’s say you choose dark brown leather. This is a very popular choice. Typically, this brings a traditional look.

Because fall colors have browns, and golds outside, this color choice (dark brown) gives off warm, natural beauty.dark brown leather set

On the other hand, lighter colors give a contemporary or modern touch. White, red, yellow, light beige, just about any choice is available for you. Color choices provide various character and appeal.

orange leathertan leather swatch

dark brown leather

Leather Grades

The production of leather is broken down into different grades.

1. Bonded leather uses left-over pieces which then are shredded. Polyurethane, and sometimes latex, is used to bond these shredded pieces together onto a mesh-like fiber.

2. Top Grain is the hide, which is actually the outer layer. It is much thicker, which gives it longer-wearing capabilities.

Top grain leathers are categorized into:

        • Full Grain: This includes the entire top surface of the leather. Nothing is taken from the hide. Undoubtedly, it is the best leather.
        • Corrected Grain: This is when the initial leather may have slight flaws, so they are corrected. The top of the leather is often sanded to hide any imperfections of the grain. Once that is accomplished, the leather is dyed and finally embossed. This gives the leather an overall grain similarity.
        • Nubuck: The grain side of the leather is sanded to give it a soft-to- the-touch feel like moccasins or chukka boots.

Mechanisms for Reclining Sofa Sets

There are two types of recliner mechanisms.

Power Reclining Systems

This option is becoming extremely popular. Here’s an example. We recently purchased a reclining sofa which is electrically-powered. Push one control button and you recline to any position. Another button adjusts the headrest. Yet another tap of a button actually adjusts back support. And finally, the Home Button brings you back to a sitting position when you need to get up.

Manual Reclining Systems

The second option that is also hugely popular is the non-electric, regular mechanically-operated mechanism. The non-electric mechanisms were  the first way we reclined, going back hundreds of years.

The manual mechanism can be operated with a handle, a recessed lever, or push back method.

The Push Back system is exactly as it sounds. You put your hands on the arms of the recliner and simply push backwards. There is no handle to pull up. There’s no lever on the side to pull out and, obviously, no electrical controls to work with. I would recommend buying arm covers to protect against wear and tear on the push back style.

In addition, there is an option known as a Wall Hugger sofa that sits close to the wall. It saves space. There’s also the Rocker Recliner sofa which is very versatile and provides wonderful comfort!

All of these types are available when choosing a leather reclining sofa set.

Check out online, easy-to-order possibilities that will bring you years of great comfort and personal satisfaction.

So what are the basic comparisons between Electric and Manual mechanisms? Let’s examine the pros and cons of each type.

Pros and Cons of Manual


1. Easy push back, lever or handle controls.

2. The costs of producing manual reclining mechanisms is far less than electrical. Therefore, your investment is not nearly as much. In addition, repair costs are significantly less if repair is ever needed.

3. Believing you want to move your furniture around at some time, you don’t have nearly the weight involved. It’s easier on you physically.

4. Fabric quality and cost flexibility is a great advantage.


1. They do get a considerable amount of use. Wear and tear on the mechanism may be slightly more than power choices.

2. Power reclining has more comfort settings. Manual has less choices and therefore you may not get exactly the comfort level you are looking for.

3. Some manual reclining sofa sets with separate recliners have a two-way position which is less comfortable and more for looks and less about comfort.

Pros and Cons of Power 


1. I am partially disabled, therefore I went with a power reclining system. It requires no effort on my part except pushing a button. This is a fantastic way to enjoy reclining when people are physically challenged.

2. Power is a great choice for anyone. The ease with which you can achieve comfort is wonderful. There are numerous comfort levels that far exceed manual choices.

3. If medically necessary, you may very well have a power system covered by insurance.

4. They may have longer wear time due to ease of movement.


1. Power mechanism costs more than manual. If your budget doesn’t allow this choice, then other great options are available.

2. They are heavy and more difficult to move.

3. You will need a power source which could lead to placement choice in your room. This may require the use of power extension cords. And, of course, when electricity goes out, your reclining mechanism won’t work.

4. The average warranty is around three years unless you pay for an extended warranty.

5. At the time of this writing, the motor replacement cost is around three hundred dollars.

Remember This When Looking For A Leather Reclining Sofa Set

Always begin with your choice of style to fit the interior design of your room.

Color choices make a huge difference in the design you are trying to achieve. Light colors such as yellow, light blue, or tan give a modern to contemporary look. Darker colors lend themselves to a more traditional style.

There are various leather qualities with Top Grain being the best. Top Grain includes Full Grain, Corrected Grain and Nubuck. There is also Bonded leather which is scraps of leather that are bonded together.

There are pros and cons of Manual versus Power reclining systems which should be considered.

These tips will provide you with insight on how to choose a leather reclining sofa set. I hope they will be useful when making your decision on the perfect fit for your home.

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane



Casual Living Room Furniture – What to Look For

living room furnitureI have no doubt that the living room is one of the key areas of use in your home. Often entertaining as well as spending family moments with each other happens in that important space. The majority of homes choose casual living room furniture. I will be discussing what to look for when you make your choice.

We all have different views about our personal likes when it comes to furnishing our homes. What’s your comfort level with the type of look that is being sought? Are instincts suggesting to make choices that will satisfy your dream furniture? Do your choices fit present decor or will changes to the decor be made for a fresh, inspiring, feel-good look? Using an online room planner is one way to see what your ideas will look like before you purchase your furniture.

My experience in the furniture market has shown that casual living room leather living room setfurniture has to be very comfortable. This is true in particular when looking for sofas, love seats, sectionals, recliners and the like. This furniture is where friends and family plop down and enjoy their time together. Comfort, once again, is the primary key in almost all furniture choices and purchases.

Of course, relaxing when neighbors, family and guests come for a visit is important. The decisions made in regard to furniture purchases has a lot to do with this. Yet, be sure the choices reflect your personal desires as well. After all, the family will be spending more time on the furniture than anyone else.

There are many areas of interest to think about before making final decisions. For instance, fabric choice is of high priority. Perhaps leather is your go-to but you just adopted a chihuahua with sharp claws that likes to jump up on the furniture – perhaps now that is not a good choice. That white microfiber that feels like suede could be just the “pop” that your family room needs … until your preschooler drops their sippy cup filled with grape juice! Durability and cleanability are just two factors in making the relevant fabric choice for your living environment.

What about warranties from the manufacturer?

Extended warranties?

What’s the quality of the product?

There is much to consider when purchasing living room furniture, isn’t there? Coming up is what I suggest looking for.

Let’s delve into important areas to consider as decisions are made. As an example, we’ll take a look at choices of furniture including upholstered as well as end tables, etc. Then we’ll consider wood construction, and solid wood compared to particleboard and MDF products.

All of this is important when looking for casual living room furniture.

Choices for Casual Living Room Furniture

There are so many opportunities when it comes to the choices made for the living room. Let’s take a peek at possibilities. A simple plan is to look at the usual necessities for the room.

Most items searched for by a family include sofas, love seats, recliners, and coffee or end tables. From there, depending on space availability, could also be a sofa table, armchair or ottoman. These are typically the primary focuses to begin with.

Without a doubt, the choices would usually be coordinated, except in unusual circumstances (eclectic, perhaps). Simply stated, all items should look good together. If a plan has been made to entertain, the casual living room furniture should set the tone for the atmosphere you may be trying to achieve. However, the most important key is choosing for yourself, not guests.

What about comfort? In almost all decision-making, when it comes to upholstered products, comfort is key. There are many types of fabrics which result in numerous comfort levels. Resistance to stain is also important as decisions are made.

Excellent fabric allows for more comfort and longer life. With children, this is very important to consider.leather sofa

There are choices in leather, cotton, polyester, nylon; all fabrics allow for different comfort levels.

Some folks look for choices to replace items every few years. Others look at furniture as a long-term investment. This certainly is something to take into consideration. As we all know, budget is often the biggest determining factor.

Wood Construction of Your Casual Living Room Furniture

What about the wood construction of coffee, end, and sofa tables? There are many factors to consider. Let’s take a look.

When first shopping, the wood looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Nice texture, finish, shine. You name it. It looks good.

What about the choice of wood furniture? There’s solid wood, particleboard, and MDF.

Solid Wood

By a long shot, solid wood will always be a great choice. Like me, it ages well. The quality is unsurpassed. There are even different strengths of wood. For example, oak and pine are two woods commonly used to make furniture. Oak versus pine – both are great. Each brings its own look and feel.

Oak is a hardwood which is heavier and and more wear-resistant. Pine, being in the soft wood family, is lighter than oak but resists or absorbs shock well. Oak tends to be darker in hue than pine, which is more in the white or creamy yellow hue. Oak is used primarily for making traditional furniture while pine is often used for modern light furniture.

Solid wood, whatever your choice, will last for many, many years.

Example of Oak Woodoak wood
 Example of pinewoodpine wood





Guess what? You’ll never see two pieces of solid wood that look alike. Each has its own character. Where it grew and how old it is adds to its “One of a Kind”  look!

What a great way to show off quality in casual living room furniture. A home with real, solid wood!

Particleboard and What to Look For

You’ve seen it, perhaps experienced it. Looks pretty darn good from way off. Get closer and you’ll start seeing easy quality comparisons. However, this can be a good product for a considerably inexpensive price.

Particleboard is basically left-over wood, a waste-based product. It’s sealed together with resin. After that, it will have veneer placed on top of it or it will be painted.particle board

Particleboard is a very light material. Compared to solid wood, this will become very evident. If the veneer gets bumped and chips off, it is harder to repair when compared to solid wood. The veneer is gone and you’re just looking at particleboard.

If particleboard gets wet, it absorbs the moisture. When it does get wet, the particleboard tends to expand and break apart over time. It’s very difficult to repair, as I mentioned earlier.

MDF Compared to Particleboard

fiberboardHearing a salesperson say “It’s all wood”, is not quite accurate when they refer to MDF. Be aware that the only “all wood” is solid wood. However, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is much thicker(denser) than particle board. MDF is often used instead of manufactured particleboard or solid wood.

In actuality, MDF is also a wood-based composite material. It isn’t all wood however. The MDF is comprised of the composite material, pressed from polyurethane resins, residual wood fibers and wax.

MDF is superior to particleboard, however it can also expand if it gets wet or damp. This means it could crack.

Thoughts to Consider for Casual Living Room Furniture

In considering living room furniture, serious evaluation is always important. We’ve touched upon comfort and what to look for in specific fabrics. There is a great range of possibilities.

We looked at choices such as sofas, love seats, recliners, end tables, coffee tables and more. This covered some basics in a great search for the perfect addition(s) for the home.

Wood construction is, as mentioned, something to look at closely. What fits your needs and wants? We have looked at solid wood and its advantages, particleboard and MDF.

I trust that I have given you some useful insights into making living room choices. What’s considered today can be possible tomorrow.

Carson Dane, Founder

Carson Dane