Decorating Your Child’s Room


Decorating your child’s room can be a lot of fun, particularly if you involve him/her in the whole process. The first thing to decide will be the color that you want to use. It is passé to use blue for boys and pink for girls; besides, the shades that you use can impact your child’s mood and behavior. For instance, earthy tones will have a calming effect on a hyper-active child, while a vibrant yellow will energize a shy child. Color therapy is a potent and effective science, and you should consider incorporating it when choosing a color for your child’s room. Try using gloss paint which is easily washable. Alternatively, you could also use chalk paint, at least on one wall, which can be used as a drawing surface.

If you are using a bright color, restrict it to only one wall. An inexpensive yet interesting option to decorate the ceiling is to use glow-in-the-dark stars, preferably with a rotating lamp strategically placed to give the effect of outer space.

A kid’s room should be centered on his/her favorite theme. This is the area that your child will use to play, read, and study. Since it is not just a sleeping place, it should be appropriate for all the activities that he/she wants to indulge in and should ideally be multi-functional. Talk to your child about their favorite theme. You can easily get cut-outs of favorite cartoon characters or toy figurines to decorate the walls. Children dislike plain walls so instead of them messing up the walls, you might as well add something interesting to them from the start. You can make or buy stencils of animals, action heroes, etc. to paint the walls.

Avoid long drapes in a child’s room. The best choice would be short curtains or blinds. Think about matching curtains to the bedding and lampshades in terms of color and pattern. Here again, you can get creative with a sewing machine and incorporate a favorite cartoon character. You can also buy themed bedding from most toy shops.

Lighting is another aspect that will need careful planning. The child’s room will need ample lighting for study time, soothing lights for play time and a night light for nap time. Covered lamps are the safest for a child’s room. The popular themes that can be used without spending too much include a fish aquarium, Barbie house, outer space, Harry Potter, dragons or dinosaurs, race cars, airplanes, and the jungle.

Most of the items mentioned are easily available online without the hassles of crowds. All you need is some time on your hands and lots of creativity to give your child a room that he/she will cherish for years to come.

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