Choosing a Theme for Your Baby’s Room

Part One: Considering Choices for a Theme

It is a huge responsibility to plan for your baby’s nursery. Furniture must be selected, walls painted, and most important is the criterion of safety measures. But the most interesting part of the entire planning is to select the theme of the nursery.

For the baby’s room, you will never run out of themes because of the sheer number of them available. You can select a theme that is masculine or feminine depending on the gender of the baby, or you could go for a neutral theme in case you plan to have more babies. This will ensure that you won’t need to redecorate if your next baby is a different gender. If your next baby is a girl then a blue-based theme for your boy would not work for her. Similarly, a boy would not be entertained in a nursery with a pink princess theme.

If you want to create a nursery that will cause stimulation to the baby’s mind as he or she grows, try going for geometric patterns and shapes and bright primary colors. Yellow, blue, and red are the most common colors that provide stimulation to babies. And if the shapes and patterns are big enough, you can try using them on walls and bedding; it would be equally helpful. Since it takes a few months for a baby to fully realize their vision, the bright and huge patterns would be a welcome exercise for them.

No matter what theme you finally settle for, prepare yourself to be in it for some years. Most babies are not prepared for a room of a toddler until they reach the age of two or three. Because toddler beds utilize similar sized mattress and bedding as does a crib, you can go on with the theme you chose for them as an infant if you so wish.

Enjoy yourself while planning the decoration of the nursery, irrespective of the theme chosen. This is one of the happiest moments of your life that you will cherish.

Part Two: Decorating Ideas

These days, the number of baby room decorating ideas are practically limitless due to the many different items available to expecting parents. Therefore, decorating your baby’s room has more to do with narrowing down your options than coming up with them in the first place. Among the best ways to come up with the right baby room ideas for decorating is to begin with a theme, and then expand from there.

To choose a theme for baby room decorating, start by brainstorming those ideas for decorating a baby room that you find most pleasing.  It should be interesting and fun to look at for the baby, to provide the right amount of stimulation.

Decorating a baby’s room can be as simple as choosing a teddy bear theme and then going from there. For example, your steps for the teddy bear theme when decorating your baby’s room may be as follows:

  • Furniture – among the most appealing baby room furniture is that made from solid wood because of its classic elegance and reliable quality. Furniture may include a crib, dresser, changing table, and rocking chair, depending on your budget and the amount of space you have in the nursery. Adding stuffed teddy bears on top of a dresser or getting rocking chair pads that incorporate a teddy bear pattern are simple ways of tying in the theme.
  • Walls – baby room decorating with teddy bears can mean the standard classic brown bears or bears of different colors. You can either stencil them, paint a mural, or add some wallpaper.
  • Floors – many people do not even think about the floors as a part of decorating a baby’s room. However, the floors really do finish the look, with hardwood, soft carpeting, or pleasant throw rugs that tie into your theme or colors.
  • Bedding – it is extremely simple to find adorable teddy bear-themed ideas for bedding. There will be ample sets to choose from in every store you visit. Just make sure that they are of good quality, are machine washable (and dryable), hypoallergenic, and, of course, are very soft.

Besides these steps, all you need to finish decorating your baby’s room is a cuddly teddy bear!

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