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As a parent, you definitely want to see your children grow and develop into well-rounded adults who will someday see their own children grow. Did you know all the things that are needed by children that can help them grow and fully express their potential are not totally around them?

You may think you have covered all your bases and you may have. Just in case, I have some suggestions that are completely geared towards providing your child with a lot of goodies for their bedroom. Lots of everything you can find online today.

Especially when it comes to the child’s theme room. You’ll have some surprises and fun with these ideas and perhaps appreciate where I’m coming from.


For example characters such as Spiderman, Superman, and characters that they identify with such as Frozen, Cinderella, and other Disney characters are a start. These are all great theme ideas.

Now one of the next things will be to add a little bit of music in the room. It helps them relax and sleep comfortably.

You can also put items such as little bells on the dressing tables that will tinkle Chimesmelodiously when tapped. How about adding wind chimes on the windows?

The ideas are endless. Remember, however, that as your children grow, their fancies change. So be sure, if possible, to change their room themes as they grow so they have something new to experience and love.

If you are not sure how to develop a theme in your child’s room, you can search online for professional home décor magazines or affiliates who specialize in furniture plus décor.

These sources are sure to give you advice on the most popular and available themes that could be incorporated in your child’s room, to help express their personality and provide them with the surroundings they’ll love.

Add Life To Your Child’s Room With Unique Wall Décor

“A three-year-old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm”- Bill Vaughn

You can surely add more fun to the lives of your children by providing them with wonderful wall décor for their rooms. A child’s room should be bright and cheerful. It should be airy and should have the warmth that will make the child feel loved and safe.

By selecting appropriate wall décor you can create a welcoming impact in your child’s room. The different types of wall décor that are available for decorating the room include wallpapers and borders, wall murals, art, wall hangings, drawings made by the children themselves, and paintings or portraits of your child. Yes, you can even use their toys to dress up the walls!

Do Ask Your Child’s Opinion

They will love selecting any kind of wall décor as that will make them feel important and they will definitely enjoy having something of their own choice. It will also encourage them to keep the room looking nice and clean. Mickey Mouse

While selecting the wallpaper and borders, consider the likes of your child, such as their favorite comic character, pet animal, or flowers, so that the walls can be filled with them.

Selecting Wall Art Or Wall Hangings For Your Child’s Room

Consider the base color of the walls, the furnishings, and also the preferences of the child.

Children like being creative and love to experiment. So their drawings, paintings, and other crafts should find their place in the wall design. They should be fixed on the wall so that it gels with the wallpaper theme or wall color and should also stand out to show.

Be sure to provide space for the child to unleash their creativity. This can be achieved by leaving a blank white area on the wall where they can draw or paint as and when they feel so. You can even have the child, along with friends, paint on one of the walls so they can admire their work for days after that.

A child’s mind is a storehouse of fantasy and imagination. They would love to see themselves as one of their favorite TV stars or cartoon characters. You can have pictures of the characters on the walls and have the faces replaced by the child’s face in some of them or even just pictures of the child in different costumes.

ABCs chartAs an encouraging parent, you could also find a place for educational charts and pictures that can be used creatively to serve the purpose of learning while being decorative as well.

Add on decorative lampshades and matching curtains, bed covers, and pillow covers that complement the wall décor. This will surely turn your child’s room into an all-time favorite place.

Amazing Wall Paper Ideas For The Child’s Room

Children are known for their creativity and also their strong likes and dislikes. Parents these days have to be extra careful when designing their child’s room. One of the easiest ways to design and decorate their room is to use amazing wallpapers based on their liking, which are easy to put up and replace and also add life to the room.

It would be a good practice to discuss the wallpaper ideas for the room with your child. After all, they will be spending maximum time there and should feel comfortable with the ambiance.

Another important consideration before selecting the wallpaper is to select the base color of the wall which should match with the existing décor or would be fundamental in deciding the other furnishings.

Here Are Some Amazing Wall Paper Ideas

Small children live in a world of fantasy and cartoons. So if you are planning to decorate the room of your child who is under 5 years of age, why not let him or her pick out a wallpaper based on the theme from their favorite cartoon series.

These days it is easy to get wallpapers that contain figures narrating the whole story. For this age group, you can never go wrong with wallpaper having Disney character prints.

If you are planning to decorate your son’s room, then picking out themes based on sports or their favorite TV series should be a good idea. Boys prefer adventure and life in the fast lane. Yes, even when they are in kindergarten! Some children are extremely fond of automobiles, so buying wallpaper prints with cars and trains could be a perfect way to decorate their room.

If sports and adventure is a good fit for the boy, then you may want to select shades of pinks and yellows for decorating thePainted handprints walls of your little angel’s room. Many girls love dolls and Barbie might be their best friend, so if your daughter is one of them, you can select more feminine prints like floral designs, hearts and lovely butterflies for adorning the walls of her room.

How about turning your little girl’s room into a fairy tale castle from Alice in Wonderland or have her enjoy the world of the Little Mermaid princess by selecting appropriate wallpapers?

Some common themes that can be used in the rooms of both boys and girls include wallpapers having patterns related to the wonders of nature or the sea (like whales and dolphins.) If your child has a pet that they adore, then you can even consider buying a wallpaper featuring prints of that animal.

Once you’ve made your choice from the wide selection available, you can get on with the process of sticking the wallpaper in your child’s room. Involve them in all the activities starting with selecting the wallpaper or wallpaper borders, to putting up the wallpaper, which will make the entire process of decorating the child’s theme room fun and exciting.

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