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Hi, my name is Carson Dane with my wife, Lynn. With 35 years of furniture & consulting experience, I welcome you to our Furniture Plus Decor website.

Furniture Plus Decor is all about the ABC’s of home furniture and stylish room decor for Adults… Babies… and Children!

Finding the perfect items in home furnishings and decor in today’s market can be an exhausting journey. I want to make that search easier for each person who enters the website of furnitureplusdecor.com

Using my expertise in the furniture business, I can offer helpful resources that save time and energy for individuals on the quest of finding that perfect match for their home.

Please browse through my site, furnitureplusdecor.com, and if you need a hand or have questions, I will be more than happy to help you out.

You can leave a comment below and you can also reach me at carson@furnitureplusdecor.com

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