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Nothing is quite as exciting as welcoming your precious child into a world of wonderment. This is a great step for you and girl dollsyour little one. You’ve probably made advanced steps to greet your baby girl by choosing your theme and furniture for her special bedroom. Now it’s time for the baby decor.

Have you considered the number of opportunities that exist to choose your beautiful decor? I’ve brought together a variety of ideas, but trust me, there is a multitude of choices out there. Let your vision soar for your personal decor. How about such things as dolls, animals and perhaps, stars and the moon.

What a lot of fun this can be! Memories of what you loved as a young girl, along with what’s “happening now” for your baby.

She’s a sweetie. Yes, we do spoil the little girls, don’t we? You have the opportunity to surround her with a rainbow of colors and playful concepts.

Plan your baby decor for a girl today. That’s what I will be helping you with by guiding you to some great sources filled with helpful ideas.

Themed Decor for Girls

Have you considered the multitude of ideas there are for your girl’s baby decor? Here are some possibilities to help you get started

Think about these:

cartoon fairy  A world of fantasy with “Fairy” decor.

There are many fairy-tale individuals to consider.

Check out children’s books.



An “Aquatic” decor – goldfish, ocean, sea life.

Remember “Nemo”?  Whales, dolphins?

What fun you could bring!


"Frozen" princessA “Princess” idea – with glittering highlights.

Princess characters you’re familiar with.

Many to choose from!




“Butterflies” or “Ladybugs” are possible choices.

Aren’t they just the cutest and oh so beautiful for the baby’s room?


kitten & puppy

“Kittens” and “Puppies” are a sure-fire bet

that babies love.

Not only in pictures but soft, cuddly,

squeezable buddies.


ballet shoes


A “Dance” decor such as a “Ballerina”

is an exciting choice and very common.




What about different “Animals”?

Lifelike, (in pictures),

such as lions or horses,

and pretend, (such as unicorns)?

Baby Decor Wallpaper

Have you considered the multitude of wallpaper choices that add to your decor? I will share a few but won’t bore you with an endless list.

wall decor mosiac

Wallpaper of varying designs and colors are a hit. This can include scenery that shows beautiful floral choices or even abstract patterns in the colors of your theme.


You can design your baby girl’s room decor to have the overall theme show up in the wallpaper you choose. Perhaps you could use a wall border, along with a complementary color of wall paint, to accent your chosen baby room theme.

Decor ideas can include, but not be limited to: art, the beach with its seagulls, dogs, cats, mermaids, cartoons, unicorns, fairy tales, princess-theme, beautiful sunsets or colorful rainbows. What about flowers, trees, nature’s wild kingdom, selfie wallpaper that is customized, the twinkling stars of the night, all of which can generate exciting decor ideas to finish off a coordinated look.

To go with the wallpaper, you might choose different mirror ideas, shelving, artwork, picture frames, or baskets to hold toys and stuffed animals. Of course, there are the ever-popular mobiles that please all baby girls.

Baby Decor Using Stickers And Murals

You can also choose to hang wall murals that are mass-produced or you can have them customized. The choices even include stencils for murals that are “paint by number” so that you can create your own design. As mentioned, a great alternative for your decor is the use of stencils. This is another “go-to” idea for a baby girl’s nursery. You can have a great time decorating her room with a stencil theme highlighted with additional color-filled decor.

If you are like many parents, a budget is always a consideration. Stencils look great and they are less expensive than wallpaper. light switch decal
I suggest checking around to find stencils that have an up-to-date (contemporary or modern) look. So many are now extremely easy to use and there are a plethora of design possibilities.

Some other possibilities might include light switches with cute stickers that add frivolity, or perhaps arrangements of colorful butterfly stickers on the wall. butterfly stickers

Vinyl removable stickers are incredibly popular and available by the thousands. You choose stickers that go along with your theme and then “peel and stick” wherever you want the accent. These can later be removed and re-positioned or changed completely as your child grows.

Choices include chalkboard stickers that could be used to create decor with meaningful words or phrases or personalized wall stickers with the baby’s name or initials or different items that go along with your theme (such as a flower mural with your baby’s name in it.)

Cartoon characters and even enlarged selfie pictures are incredibly popular. Fortunately, they even make a wallpaper that is also “peel and stick”. This makes the decorating project so much easier! You really can expand your creative skills and design many decor ideas. The sky is the limit.

Go ahead. Indulge. This can be super fun even if you’ve never done it before. If you’re a creative person and want to put your personal touch on the final outcome, then go for it!

Additional Baby Decor Ideas For A Girl

1. Themes and decor about baby dolls are always a popular “girl” idea that can transition into a lot of fun and creativeness.

stuffed animals


2. Animals such as cute lions, bears, pandas, giraffes, bunnies, and squirrels.  This decor could be lifelike or animated.

3. How about boats such as canoes, sail, or other types that would be cute in a baby decor concept? For girls? You bet.

4. Remember “Rubber Duckies”? How about ducks, geese, swans, and other aquatic animals that live above water?

5. In doubt? Go to the library or book store. Gravitate to the children’s storybooks. Ideas will pop out as quick as a wink.

circus tent


6. Balloons (not real). A terrific decor idea. This could include, perhaps, a colorful circus background with a carousel, etc.


If you are attentive to wall hangings, pictures, toys, area rugs, lamps, or light fixtures, etc., you can create a super cool theme with decor that accentuates.

Let’s Cuddle Up To Cute Baby Decor

In simple terms, the decor is nothing more than how a room is decorated. I’ve shared some basic ideas. Let’s review some important points.

We enjoyed bringing baby decor to the forefront starting with fantasy and fairies. I know we are all familiar with many stories that have delighted even the youngest girls with their sparkling surroundings, including diamond tiaras and golden necklaces.

Theme decor is a never-ending opportunity to decorate your baby girl’s bedroom. Aquatic, princess, butterflies, and animals are just a few decor ideas. The use of wallpaper and stencils to match these ideas adds pizazz to a complete look, along with picture frames, wall decor such as shelving or mirrors, art, and baskets.

Area rugs, trees, and plants, or stuffed animals all enhance your complete creative theme which has been finished off with your great baby decor selections.

It’s been a pleasure sharing baby decor with you and your little girl. Do stay in touch with our updated articles for your furniture plus decor ideas.

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